PieceWork 1999 Collection (Download)

Enjoy 6 issues of PieceWork magazine from 1999—now available as a Digital Magazine Collection!
Digital Magazine Collection

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Enjoy 6 issues of PieceWork magazine from 1999—now available as a Digital Magazine Collection! 

Get instant inspiration for knitting, crochet, quilting, embroidery, and so much more at your fingertips. Just download this Digital Magazine Collection and enjoy one whole years’ worth of PieceWork magazine on your computer!  You won’t believe how easy it is to navigate through all six issues originally published in 1999.


Discover the time-saving electronic index that allows you to jump from article to article with just a click of your mouse. You can also search each issue by any keyword you please, including:

  • Names of master needle-workers
  •  Specific or general techniques
  •  Favorite projects
  • Products or equipment
  • Challenges and results

SKU: EP4878

Format: Digital Magazine Collection

Table of Contents

January/February 1999
This issue resonates with luxury and luxurious materials. You’ll learn about early American silk patchwork quilts and William Morris. Embroider a William Morris-inspired pillow, knit silk mittens, or crochet a beaded bag.

March/April 1999
Explore the history of needlework the women’s suffrage movement. Meet Jennie Mae Olsen, a homesteader in turn-of-the-century North Dakota, and Susan B. Anthony, a suffragette who first publicly addressed women’s suffrage at a quilting bee. Make a Mayan-style knotted friendship bracelet or a hexagon cradle quilt.

May/June 1999
Discover nature motifs throughout time in this issue. Learn why Napoleon Bonaparte used bees as his motif and embroider a metallic bee ornament. Explore floral motifs in mid-nineteenth century needlework and bead embroider an eyeglasses case. There are also a vine and flower edging in filet crochet, embroidered and appliqued pillows, and a cameo floral baby afghan to knit.

July/August 1999
In this patriotic issue, you’ll meet former first lady Grace Coolidge. She used her needlework to help her through difficult times in her life. See examples of her work and filet crochet a Liberty Bell pillow based on one of Grace’s designs. You’ll also discover the bravery and dedication of Belgian lace-makers in World War I. Declare your patriotism with embroidered handkerchiefs and a stars-and-stripes sampler.

September/October 1999
Celebrate household textiles, from wool whole-cloth quilts to tea cozies to pincushions. Reminisce about the hand-me-down needlework pieces in your family or start the tradition with the projects in this issue. Learn how to embroider monograms, work the Arraiolos stitch, crochet a granny-square pillow, and knit a Victorian tea cozy.

November/December 1999
Needlework often had religious, ceremonial, and spiritual purposes. This issue explores that time-honored tradition through Estonian knitting, Doukhobors vests, Jewish head coverings, and Buddhist robes. Continue honoring these traditions by creating a quilted evening purse with a Doukhobor rose motif, knitting Estonian-inspired mittens, and crocheting a yarmulke.

SKU: EP4878

Format: Digital Magazine Collection

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