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2001 Handwoven CD Collection

Enjoy 5 issues of HANDWOVEN MAGAZINE exactly as they were printed in 2001.

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Enjoy 5 issues of HANDWOVEN MAGAZINE exactly as they were printed in 2001.

This CD is so slick! You get weaving inspiration at your fingertips. You just pop in the CD and enjoy the ease of navigating through an entire year's worth of Handwoven issues.

Discover the magazines as they were printed in 2001 with a time-saving electronic index. You can also search each issue by keywords of your choosing such as:

  • Names of master weavers 
  • Specific or general techniques
  • Favorite projects
  • Products or equipment such as looms, novelty yarns, laces, etc.
  • Challenges and results
  • Keywords like tapestry, warp-faced and weft-faced, Indigo dyeing or any other areas of interest

Jan/Feb: Finishing Matters
This issue answers all your questions about wet-finishing—water temperature, degree of agitation, and the best methods for drying and pressing—for all types of fiber: wool, silk, cotton, linen, and more. Definitive articles on finishing by Laura Fry and Sharon Alderman are included

Mar/Apr: Twills—And Towels
Twill is the focus of this issue: advancing twills, pinwheel twills, snowflake twills, turned twills, and twills mixed with other weaves. Projects include scarves, shawls, mats, runners—and especially towels.

May/Jun: Special Garment Issue
Handwoven fabrics can be designed for a specific garment for results not possible with commercial fabrics. Here are fabric designs for tops, jackets, vests, dresses, and a man's shirt. Included are custom patterns and tips for sewing with handwovens.

Sept/Oct: Weaving for Holidays
Use this issue to weave all you holidays. Projects include A Valentine's Day table runner, wedding accessories, hostess gifts, handwoven notecards, a Thanksgiving breadcloth, tree ornaments, holiday table decorations, and a holiday apron.

Nov/Dec: A Rug Handbook
If you've never woven a rug before, this issue will get you started. If you're a rug weaver, it'll give you new ideas. Choose from warp rep, taqueté (learn how to make your own shaft-switching device), tapestry, knotted pile, log cabin with rags and

SKU: 11WV10

Format: CD

ISBN 13: 9781596686113

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SKU: 11WV10

Format: CD

ISBN 13: 9781596686113

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