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2002 Spin-Off CD Collection

Enjoy all 4 issues of SPIN-OFF MAGAZINE exactly as they were printed in 2002.

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Enjoy all 4 issues of SPIN-OFF MAGAZINE exactly as they were printed in 2002.

This CD is so slick! You get spinning inspiration at your fingertips. You just pop in the CD and enjoy the ease of navigating through an entire year's worth of Spin-Off.

Discover the magazines as they were printed in 2002 with a time-saving electronic index. You can also search each issue by keywords of your choosing such as:

  • Names of master spinners
  • Specific or general techniques
  • Favorite projects
  • Products or equipment such as spindle, wheel, yarns, etc.
  • Challenges and results

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Format: CD

ISBN 13: 9781596684713

Table of Contents

Spring 2002

Crockpot dyeing, knitting with singles, weave with singles, design a knitted vest from a sewing pattern.
Fiber Focus: Silk, angora, and Stansborough Gotland sheep.
Projects: Weave a silk tuxedo scarf, bunny sweaters, natural-dyed crocheted vest, and felted vests.

Summer 2002

Shifu, the Japanese art of making garments out of paper.
Fiber Focus: Pygora, Polwarth, shifu, cashmere, silk, qiviut, and mohair.
Projects: A mohair hat, scarves, Scandinavian-inspired mittens and hat, and vests.

Fall 2002

Dye with avocados, cotton ginning, using a spinning Jenny, knit with feathers, and de-hair cashmere.
Fiber Focus: Cashmere, feathers, angora, and cotton.
Projects: Knitting socks, quilting thread for a Sashiko vest, Victorian knitting, weave a king size blanket, and an unspun roving hat.

Winter 2002

Dyeing, lubricate your wheel, spinning cotton, CD spindles.
Fiber Focus: Qiviut, cotton, linen, and Wensleydale.
Projects: Sideways garter-stitch gloves, sheep’s-head slippers, woven scarves, and knit a scarf with leftover yarn.

SKU: 11SP11

Format: CD

ISBN 13: 9781596684713