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2003 Interweave Knits CD Collection

Interact with Interweave Knits magazine! Enjoy all four issues of Interweave Knits magazine exactly as they were printed in 2003!

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100+ Patterns on One CD!

Interact with Interweave Knits magazine! Enjoy all four issues of Interweave Knits exactly as they were printed in 2003, now available on an interactive CD!

The full-color electronic versions of these magazines includes easy-to-navigate tables of contents, easy-to-print patterns, informative articles, designer profiles, and all the tips and techniques that Interweave Knits is known for!

Plus, Interweave Knits 2003 Collection CD includes:

  • Lessons in knitting intarsia in the round
  • Quick gift projects that you'll have time to finish
  • 4 thumb gussets for making gloves and mittens
  • An abundance of knitted sweaters with international flair
  • A look at vintage chic knits
  • And more!

Sure to be a reference you turn to again and again, Interweave Knits 2003 Collection CD includes over 100 patterns from sold-out issues!

Purchase your own copy of the Interweave Knits 2003 Collection CD today!

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Interweave Knits 2003 Collection CD is easy-to-use and completely packed with inspiration!

You just pop in the CD and enjoy the ease of navigating through an entire year's worth of Interweave Knits issues. Discover a time-saving electronic index and search each issue by keywords, such as designer names, specific techniques, or favorite projects.

PLUS! Look At All These Patterns!

weekend pullover neckwarmer byzantine cabana pullover chinese sweater
colorwork set corset pullovergarter mens sweater dresser scarf socks echo lake cardigan childrens
keyhole gatsby vest flashback coat forest path stole gatsby pullover 
stop traffic grecian cowlneck indonisian islands lace shawl wrap  remembering pullover party pullover
lopi pullover luminous lace moorish pullover garter sweater racoon coat
nordic memories vip cardigan gyspy pillows eastern socks brioche vest



This classic collection of patterns from Interweave Knits never goes out of style!
You won't see any outlandish colors, crazy concoctions, or too-far-outside-the-box ideas in Interweave Knits magazines. The patterns in the Interweave Knits 2003 Collection CD can all still be worn today!

The Interweave Knits 2003 Collection CD includes exact replications of the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter editions of Interweave Knits magazines printed in 2003. A great year for Interweave Knits, none of the 2003 issues are available in print form. Purchase your own Interweave Knits 2003 Collection CD today and add the 2003 magazines to your knitting reference library!

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Check out the other Collection CDs from Interweave Knits for even more informative articles, tips and techniques, designer profiles, and, of course, hundreds of patterns!
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