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Interact with Interweave Crochet magazine! The premiere issues are now available on CD!

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Enjoy the premiere issues of Interweave Crochet magazine, including a 16-page supplement, the first-ever Fall 2004 special issue, the 2005 special issue, and Interweave Crochet Spring 2006. These full-color electronic editions appear exactly as they were printed and include easy-to-navigate tables of contents, easy-to-print patterns, informative articles, designer profiles, and all the tips and techniques that Interweave Crochet is known for. Plus, enjoy the abundance of patterns for sweaters, shawls, socks, skirts, and more! 

CD Includes: Spring 2004, Special Issue 2004, Fall 2005, Spring 2006

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Customer Reviews

Great as the first of a really good magazine. Review by Carolynn

I received my DVD a few days ago and finally sat down to look at it. I had to keep reminding myself that the books were from 8-10 years old, as a number of the patterns were similar to what I have been seeing the last few years. That indicates classics, or others copying and these designs becoming trends. Well, not many were classics, or they were riffs on classics, and I had a lot of crochet patterns from that time period that were "standards," and these did not fit into that group. They had a certain something that made them different, made them stand out from the crowd. A pleasant place to be, as far as I am concerned. If you invest your time and creative power and even money (for the yarn) into a garment, you don't want it to look like it was purchased off the rack at a discount store. My only caveat is that there were very few patterns for little (not so little) old ladies like me. Most of the patterns were for little kids or for people with slim bodies and the willingness to wear the very unusual. A few I could adapt for myself--add length for a tunic, shorten sleeves to 3/4, and maybe change a collar to a v-neck or u-neck (maybe). Some I just liked the stitches used and wanted them for something else. One thing--this is a magazine I actually read cover to cover, so I picked up useful information about websites in the back area and got info about the CGOA (Crocheters' Guild of America), which I plan to join. I am really happy to have this DVD of the first years of Interweave Crochet, and I look forward to getting and exploring the rest of the DVDs in this series.

(Posted on 6/18/14)

An Excellent Archive Review by Darcy09

The CD's bring back the memory of my first look at the magazines when they appeared. Did not find the bonus CD that filled with things I would love to make, but then my to do crochet list is longer than I am likely to have time for in this life.

(Posted on 1/8/14)

The Best Issues!!! Review by angie volz

Awesome design....Love these issues....Interweave Crochet remains really cool. But I would love to some of the creativity expressed in these issues. Made me proud to be USA....cause these issues gave me hope that American crochet artists had the same potential as Rowan's.

(Posted on 7/23/11)