2006 Beadwork CD Collection

700+ pages of Beadwork how-tos, projects, and tips all on 1 searchable CD!

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Explore 6 issues of Beadwork exactly as they were printed—now in a new, convenient format.

With this amazing CD collection, you’ll get the entire 2006 season with full-color searchable pages, quick-print projects, and all the tips and how-tos the jewelry world trusts from Beadwork.

  • Discover the secrets of expert beadwork artists from buying materials to building creations.
  • Find answers fast with searchable pages and quick-print projects.
  • Create stunning pieces with intricate bead stitches made easy.
  • Master beadwork step by step with fun projects for rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more! 

Plus! Browse the content wherever there’s a computer: all files are PC- and Mac-compatible.

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Format: CD

ISBN 13: 9781596684041

Customer Reviews

Should be more like 19.99 not 29.99 Review by Stacey Grieco

Ok so I have actually bought this item, but I just had to comment on how expensive it seems. I pay 20 bucks for the real mags for the year already(6 issues) why would I want to pay more for less in a way, since I could just scan all my mags and put them on a disc. Probably wouldn't be exactly the same, but the same idea. Also this are older issues. Some people might have these mags from over the years. For those that don't this would be a better deal for them. Just seems a bit on the high side and you don't even get the real copies of the mag. If those were included I would buy them all. THAT WOULD BE A GREAT DEAL FOR 30 bucks and a steal at 20. I wish they would do something like that. Or maybe offer a year of paper back issues at 20 bucks or something. That would work for me!!!

(Posted on 11/12/10)