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2009 Spin-Off Collection (Download)

Enjoy all 4 issues of Spin-Off magazine exactly as they were printed in 2009—now available as a Digital Magazine Collection!
Digital Magazine Collection

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Enjoy all 4 issues of Spin-Off magazine exactly as they were printed in 2009—now available as a Digital Magazine Collection!

Get instant spinning inspiration at your fingertips. Just download this Digital Magazine Collection and enjoy one whole years’ worth of Spin-Off magazine on your computer!  You won’t believe how easy it is to navigate through all four issues originally published in 2009.


Discover the time-saving electronic index that allows you to jump from article to article with just a click of your mouse. You can also search each issue by any keyword you please, including:

  • Names of master spinners
  • Specific or general techniques
  • Favorite projects
  • Products or equipment such as spindles, wheels, yarns, etc.
  • Challenges and results

SKU: EP4929

Format: Digital Magazine Collection

Table of Contents

Spring 2009
Techniques: Use high whorl or low whorl spindles, spin on a track wheel, spin for needlepoint, and spin the perfect sock yarn.
Fiber Focus: Clun Forest.
Projects: A 3-in-1 scarf, Clun Forest hat and mittens, and Maine Morning Mitts.

Summer 2009
Techniques: Spin medium yarns, use your body as a spinning tool, understand S- and Z-twist, and predraft.
Fiber Focus: Villsau and California Variegated Mutant (CVM).
Projects: Slip-stitch mittens, inkle-woven handbag, Villsau mittens, button-up neck warmer, and a CVM hat.

Fall 2009
Techniques: Grow cotton, raise silk worms, and wash wool.
Fiber Focus: Scotch Mule, silk, cotton, and wolf fiber.
Projects: Fall Leaves Shawl, Scottish Mule Socks, natural fiber scarves, and a cowl.

Winter 2009
Techniques: Seven ways to draft, spin big yarns, make center-pull balls, Andean plying, and make coils.
Fiber Focus: Milkweed, dogbane, nettle, and Polwarth.
Projects: Polwarth socks, Feather and Fan Cowl, Tahoe Hat, and the Oatmeal Cardigan.

SKU: EP4929

Format: Digital Magazine Collection