2011 Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Digital Collection

Discover Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine on CD with all 9 full issues from 2011 and 800+ pages of must-know jewelry information! Don?t miss out on the jewelry designs, gemstone info, tool recommendation, and more!
Digital Magazine Collection

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Expand your archives and explore all nine 2011 issues of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine exactly as they were printed, now in a new convenient format. Discover 800+ pages packed with lapidary know hows, jewelry tool information, jewelry design inspiration, and more you won't want to miss!

Complete with full-color searchable pages, quick-print projects, and all the tips and how-tos the jewelry world trusts from Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine, this is a must-have space saver that holds the same design punch as the print magazine!

Order your copy today to:

  • Discover the jewelry-making secrets of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist experts to enhance your jewelry making techniques.
  • Explore all the lapidary basics, from must- know stone info to beautiful facet designs.
  • Create stunning jewelry with project inspiration for metal, gemstones, wire, metal clay, and more!
  • Find answers fast with easy searchable options and printable projects.
  • And so much more!

Get all 9 issues of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist and enhance your jewelry-making resources. From step-by-step fabricated metal jewelry projects to everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite stones, each issue is packed with timeless info you won't want to miss!

Here's what you'll get in each issue:

  • January/ February - Get the gemstone information you need to know! Discover must-know info about diamond burs, bits, and wheels; create a custom flex shaft fixture; learn about accent sapphires; and much more!
  • March - Don't miss out on focal designs that will wow any onlooker! Unlock the potential copper holds for your jewelry designs, boost your projects, and much more!
  • April - Add beautiful three-dimensional elements to your jewelry designs! Examine non-metal stakes and then create a fluted cuff that packs a design punch, explore the pierced metal trend, and much more.
  • May/June - Be inspired by earthy materials including agate and pearls. Pump up the volume on your jewelry by corrugating metal; learn how with expert tips, and then try the technique with a stunning copper pendant design.
  • July - Explore a lapidary favorite, the blue agate, and make a stunning bracelet design with this stone as the star! Plus, discover great bracelet mandrels, steps for creating an alabaster bowl, and much more!
  • August - Design outside your box with the expert tips delivered in this issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Get the low-down on making your bench pin work for you, create drop dead jewelry designs, and much more!
  • September/October - Explore the jewelry trends across the world through history and let these works inspire your designs today! Then, make your jewelry website shine with expert tips, craft wonderful riveted designs, create your own custom findings, and much more.
  • November - Discover the annual tool issue packed with innovative tools you need to know! Finish your jewelry with finesse with files that will do the job well, create your best work space with organization tips, be inspired by must-see projects, and more!
  • December - Set your stones in different ways with two projects you won't want to miss! Plus, explore quartz and what this pastel stone can add to your jewelry, create holiday earrings, view Elizabeth Taylor's legendary jewels, and much more!

SKU: EP7358

Format: Digital Magazine Collection

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SKU: EP7358

Format: Digital Magazine Collection

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