2012 Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Collection CD

Uncover jewelry making inspiration, metalsmithing knowledge, lapidary must-knows, and more with the 2012 Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine collection CD.

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Explore all the jewelry making inspiration, lapidary information, must-have jewelry tools, and more from the 2012 season of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine exactly as they were printed, on one space saving, easy to search CD!

Discover this is a must-have space saver that holds all 800+ pages from 2012 complete with full-color searchable pages, quick-print jewelry projects, and all the tips and how-tos the jewelry world trusts!

Order your copy today to:

  • Explore the jewelry-making secrets of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist experts to enhance your jewelry making techniques.
  • Uncover all the lapidary basics, from must- know stone info to beautiful faceted designs.
  • Discover 31 stunning jewelry projects for metal, gemstones, wire, metal clay, and more!
  • Unlock metalsmithing knowledge with technique demos, trends, design articles, and more.
  • Find answers fast with easy searchable options and printable projects.
  • And so much more!

Get all 9 issues of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine and enhance your jewelry-making. From trends and materials that will take your jewelry designs to the next level to demos on techniques you’ll be dying to try, each issue is packed with timeless info you won’t want to miss!

Here’s what you’ll get in each issue:

  • January/ February – Discover two different opals that make beautiful accent stones for any design, 5 breath-taking jewelry projects, and the annual buyers’ directory packed with vendors you won’t want to miss.
  • March – Master working with argentium silver, and then practice your skills to craft a delicate earring set; explore lapidary equipment you won’t want to be caught without; plus discover how Picasso’s artwork has inspired contemporary jewelry artists’ designs.
  • April – Discover the Vision Award winning designs that will take your breath away, be inspired by the Wild West themes to incorporate into your projects, learn the tips you need to help your jewelry business join the online discussion, and more.
  • May/June – Explore fold forming techniques, and what it can add to your jewelry designs, boost your skills with 4 must-make projects, and explore everything you need to know about pliers.
  • July – Craft beautiful forms with the expert information packed into this issue. Discover two different projects that use precise forming skills (one is by Bill Fretz), explore forming tools that will make your job easier, plus more!
  • August – Use ancient techniques with modern results, explore gem slices, and discover how to make email marketing work for your jewelry business, all in this single jewelry making magazine!
  • September/October – Discover the annual design issue that pushes the envelope and draws influence from textiles, fantasy, and more. Plus, learn the tips you need to know to find your artistic voice.
  • November – See exactly what the best tools can do for your jewelry designs with the annual tool issue! Learn about the hottest tools on the market, explore breath-taking designs, and make your own custom jewelry bench pin.
  • December – Golden and gorgeous, learn about citrine and the benefits this stone has for your jewelry designs, explore tips for crafting the right bail for your, and much more!

SKU: 13BD24

Format: CD

ISBN 13: 9781620334478

Table of Contents

SKU: 13BD24

Format: CD

ISBN 13: 9781620334478