3D Crochet

Bring your 3D crocheted toys, hats, and other pieces to life with this over 2-hour long video workshop from creature creator Brenda K.B. Anderson.

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3D Crochet
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When it comes to crocheting amigurumi and accessories, it’s not enough to make all the right stitches. Bring your crocheted toys, hats, and other pieces to life with this video workshop from creature creator Brenda K.B. Anderson. With years of professional experience making costumes and mascots, crochet designer Brenda K.B. Anderson knows how to make crochet lively and lovable. With 3D Crochet: Amigurumi, Accessories, and Cutest Creatures, you’ll be able to:

  • Use stuffing to sculpt the ideal shape
  • Create an expression from sweet to scary to silly
  • Choose colors that pop in the right places
  • Place, attach, and embroider facial features
  • Assemble the pieces for a durable toy or accessory
  • Crochet trims and edgings for a polished finish

In addition to hours of instruction, this video workshop includes two original patterns to practice your 3D crochet skills.

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Create crochet with fun and finesse now with 3D Crochet!
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Brenda K.B. Anderson
About the Author
Brenda K. B. Anderson makes mascots during the day. She cooks, crochets, knits, and belly dances at night. Brenda lives in a little house in Minnesota with her husband and their hairy baby, Mr. Kittypants.


Author/Speaker/Editor: Brenda K. B. Anderson

Format: Video

Runtime: Disc 1: 67 Minutes Disc 2: 72 Minutes

Customer Reviews

Excellent!!! Review by Linda

I have taken other online classes, but I will have to say that this class has been the best. The instructor is clear and concise. There are tips and tricks in this video that will make your amigurumi go from looking home made to looking professional. I personally would have taken this class JUST to see the instructor do her slip knot. It is the easiest slip knot I have ever seen demonstrated and it works EVERY time. So, for me it will be this slip knot from here on in, as opposed to magic rings, etc, etc.

(Posted on 3/17/14)

This tutorial is helpful, fun, & inspiring for all ages and skill levels. Review by Megz

This DVD has something (or many somethings) to teach everyone whether you are a super novice who might be wondering what that silly hook looking thing is or a seasoned crocheter who “knows it all.”

Brenda discusses different types of tools and how to select the right type for your project, how to determine which materials are best, the different effects your color choices will have, and what to look for when making your selections. She also talks about edging, finishing details, basic sewing, assembly methods, and so much more! Her discussion of each step is enhanced by her explanation/demonstration of why each technique is useful and how the project might look different if the technique is not used.

I have been crocheting for many years and am blown away by some of the techniques Brenda teaches in this video. They made sense, but I would never have come up with them on my own. Her descriptions and demonstrations are easy to understand and Brenda’s techniques give her projects that extra attention to detail needed to makes them look amazing. I find myself wondering where this tutorial has been all my life and how I possibly muddled through the faces of my poor little amigurumi without it.

Thanks to Brenda KB Anderson my future Amigurumi will only look creepy when I intend to make them scary and not by default. This DVD is a great resource to have and it’s entertaining too. I am excited to have it in my craft collection and look forward to working along with parts of the video as the techniques come up in my projects.

(Posted on 2/11/14)