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A Fiber Artist's Guide to Color (Video Download)

Instantly learn about color from an artist’s perspective and begin a journey that will open your eyes and enrich your craft.
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Not just another re-hash of the color wheel, The Fiber Artist’s Guide to Color brings a few basic concepts to life in a way that can change how you see. You’ll be pulling your stash off the shelf, making "rivers" of color from light to heavy, creating color wraps that really work, and learning to manage color juxtapositions that will take your work beyond the ordinary.


  • Weave drawdowns that go from ho-hum to WOW with a few simple color changes
  • Variegated yarns that really work—and ones that don’t
  • The Fibonacci series brought to life (and how it applies to the sex life of bees)
  • Woven scarves, jackets, and complete ensembles with colors to die for
  • And so much more

A new way of sorting color and seeing relationships becomes the basis for exploring color through several simple, yet clever, techniques. As Laura likes to say, "You don't get WOW from doing the expected!"


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Author/Speaker/Editor: Laura Bryant

Format: Standard Definition Video

Customer Reviews

One Note Played Too Often Review by Nicholas

This video starts out fine but doesn't stay interesting. Laura Bryant (who by the way, appears not to suffer from ANY doubt and yes, I know, she's been studying color for a long time and is an expert.) introduces the concept of "weight" fairly early in the video. It's an interesting concept and one I am glad I learned. I also thought it was well taught at the outset. But from then on, it's color weight, color weight, color weight. I think there are other aspects of color theory that deserved more than a passing amount of time. I was bored stiff with a quarter to a third of the video still to go.

(Posted on 8/1/14)

Best color workshop! Review by kayaknancy

I purchased and watched "The Fiber Artist's Guide to Color" on the same weekend that other weaving guild members attended a very expensive color workshop. While they only learned to copy another weaver's style, I was given the gift of creative color. Thanks you!

(Posted on 7/14/14)

An excellent approach to designing with color Review by Robin

While I have studied color theory a little, this video opened my eyes to a new approach. It helps explain why just using complementary color schemes doesn't always work, and how to evaluate colors by weight. I found it interesting and informative, and thought the weavings in the background were masterfully done.

(Posted on 5/15/14)

Stunning... Review by Anthony

I was a little unsure about what to expect, but was absolutely awed by this video's content. Clearly presented with an amazing amount of information. I started looking at my weaving projects with a new awareness and enthusiasm. Thank you for this eye opening lesson in color and color blending. The wall hangings behind Laura Bryant are stunningly beautiful.

Thank you,

Anthony Barnacott

(Posted on 4/9/14)

I LIKE it! Review by Leonard

I am NOT an artist. Thought I would try this video for some help with color selection- what an eye opener. I did not become an expert overnight, but I did learn some wonderful things about color that I wish I had known before my first loom warping! Even if you think you have an "eye for color", I'll bet you will learn plenty from watching this video. I will apply what I have learned to quilting, sewing, weaving and even spinning.
BTW, I actually purchased the DVD rather than the download.

(Posted on 12/31/13)

Video does NOT run! Review by Pattie

I have Mac and Windows on my computer and I cannot get this video to run on either platform. Except it does run in the little icon on the desktop, but that's a little hard to see (although I CAN hear it - goodie!) I realize this is NOT a reflection on the video itself or the author, more so on the Interweave deliver system.

I would have called customer service about this, but every time I have had to contact customer service about a problem in the last year, I have had to call multiple times to get my problem straightened out, so I have given up.

If they call me, we can talk.

(Posted on 12/20/13)

Really interesting new way to look at colour Review by Mara

I was really impressed by "A Fiber Artists Guide to Colour". It delivers exactly what it promises.
I have always been good with colour, but this approach taught me an entirely different way to see. The material and presentation is clear, and thought provoking. It is the beginning of a new way to work with colour. Many Thanks to Laura Bryant.

(Posted on 11/21/13)

Great Video on Colors Review by Chris

I learned a lot about color and design from this video and have watched it several times. The demonstrations on color illusion in different contexts was amazing. I will keep this video handy and review it before I buy yarn for my future projects.

(Posted on 11/10/13)

Great instructive video Review by Barbara Hill

I usually have a fairly good eye for color but this video opened my eyes to new ways to select and view color. As a knitter, crocheter, and weaver a lot of money and time can be invested in purchasing quality materials. This well-taught video will help select just the right color values to make a project pop!

(Posted on 4/25/12)

Eye-opening introduction to color Review by Trudi Jacobson

I wasn't quite sure what to expect with this video, but I am new to weaving, and thought that I might get a better sense of color selection by watching it. Did I ever! Laura Bryant has given me the capacity to see why some color choices I've made in the past in knitting just haven't worked, and I think I will be much better equipped in the future, both for weaving and knitting. I now know how to quickly check color combinations, and I finally understand why the Fibonacci sequence is worth paying attention to. I have become a big fan of Laura Bryant and her calm, measured way of teaching. I encourage others to watch this video, which certainly expanded my color horizons.

(Posted on 4/15/12)

WOW! I don't have to make color disasters! Review by Elizabeth Harrington

I have struggled with color in my weaving. I did not understand why some things worked and others didn't. I was advised to use a color wheel, but still made awful mistakes. Sometimes there was no contrast, others were garish. One piece was compared to a pattern used to induce migraines. Nice. I was at the mercy of copying other successful color schemes. No more! I feel like the kid in the Charles Atlas ads in the back of comic books from my childhood. I can use a color wheel AND add in an understanding of color weight to create successful color stories. I can choose colors to literally tell a story the view can understand. Before I would be rooted in the intellectual side of color. Lots of symbolism and a huge word story behind it all, but kind of a mess. Very interesting on paper, but not effective visually. I am so glad I can refer to this again and again!

(Posted on 5/30/11)