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A Fiber Artist's Guide to Color DVD

Learn about color from an artist’s perspective and begin a journey that will open your eyes and enrich your craft.

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Not just another re-hash of the color wheel, The Fiber Artist’s Guide to Color brings a few basic concepts to life in a way that can change how you see. You’ll be pulling your stash off the shelf, making "rivers" of color from light to heavy, creating color wraps that really work, and learning to manage color juxtapositions that will take your work beyond the ordinary.


  • Weave drawdowns that go from ho-hum to WOW with a few simple color changes
  • Variegated yarns that really work—and ones that don’t
  • The Fibonacci series brought to life (and how it applies to the sex life of bees)
  • Woven scarves, jackets, and complete ensembles with colors to die for
  • And so much more

A new way of sorting color and seeing relationships becomes the basis for exploring color through several simple, yet clever, techniques. As Laura likes to say, "You don't get WOW from doing the expected!"


SKU: 11WV04

Author/Speaker/Editor: Laura Bryant

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596686045

Customer Reviews

eye-opening Review by Bob

This dvd was fascinating. I was surprised at my biggest aha: I really don't know what color is about!

She very clearly, exactly, logically, explains about color and their relationships to make it much easier choosing colors to weave with. This absolutely opened my eyes to a new world/way of "seeing" color. I highly recommend this dvd.

Informative, practical, mind-expanding, entertaining, fun!

(Posted on 7/10/14)

amazing Review by marie andree

I was afraid to used color , now it is different !

(Posted on 5/20/14)

wonderful DVD makes color work easy Review by Anne C.

I used to be afraid to use different colors in my weaving and the items I wove we're just OK. Then I got "The Fiber Artist's Guide to Color" DVD and it opened my eyes to many possibilities. It was truly wonderful. It delineated how to go about choosing colors so that my weaving POPS! This DVD, in addition to Deb Menz's "Color Works for Spinners" has really helped me put good color in all I do. Thank you Laura and Deb!

(Posted on 1/31/14)

Learnt so much! Review by Angela

The first piece of weaving I did , I really wanted to get the colour arrangement right. But I was a bit clueless. This dvd has given me the knowledge that will make my next piece of weaving , colour confident.
I enjoyed this presentation very much. Laura is easy to follow. she doesn't waffle. She makes her points well.
My artist husband loved it too. I will be watching this again and will require my girls to watch it as part of their homeschooling.
Glad I bought this dvd. Thank you Laura and thank you, Interweave!

(Posted on 11/10/13)

A Fiber Artist's Guide to Color Review by Dolores Roguszka

A new and interesting way to look at color and color combinations! Forget the color wheel!

(Posted on 10/5/11)