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A Handknit Romance 22 Vintage Designs with Lovely Details

Knit timelessly with 22 vintage designs.

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Inspired by women’s clothing, lingerie, and accessories of the past, A Handknit Romance offers intricate and exquisite designs. Step back in time with techniques including pin-tucks, picot trims, crochet edges, lace beading, and embroidery that convey modest and flirty classic fitted patterns using a range of lace, superfine, fine, and light yarn weights.

Designer Jennie Atkinson’s attention to detail in each piece makes for a gorgeous collection of unique, precious garments that reflect today’s vogue for vintage-inspired fashion. A Handknit Romance offers beautiful projects that range from small accessories to full-size garments and suit beginner and seasoned knitters alike. Plus, this knitting resource has great advice on yarn substitutions as well as tips on how the patterns can be customized to fit all sizes.

A Handknit Romance is the ideal design book for knitters who embrace creativity and the want to produce truly unique pieces.
Table of Contents

Fitted Jacket
Cotton Skirt
Cotton Camisole
Heart Lavender Bags
Wrapover Cardigan
Crochet Necklace and Bracelet
Lace-Edged Camisole
Lace Shrug
Beaded Top
Beaded Mittens
Beaded Bag
Lace Blouse
Lace Gloves
Zigzag Bag
Sailor-Collar Blouse
Openwork Gloves
Lace Scarf
Lurex Dress
Crochet Choker
Flapper Dress
Beaded Purse

Practical Information
Yarns and Suppliers
About the Author
Jennie Atkinson worked as a fashion knitwear designer for many years. She has been a freelance designer for the home-knit market, and her designs have been featured in rowan magazines, Vogue Knitting, and The Knitter magazine. She is the author of Romantic Style. In addition to design work, she lectures on fashion and knitwear history. Jennie lives in England.
"Black-and-white illustrations and photos of the original garments Atkinson used as a springboard accompany their fine-gauge knit updates, allowing the reader to appreciate how she makes retro details relevant to a modern wardrobe. Time-travel has rarely looked so good." - Yarn Market News
"All the patterns, even the beaded tunic with no lace, are very feminine and pretty." - Pam MacKenzie, New Jersey Home News Tribune
"Sooo pretty!  If you like lace, you are going to be very pleased." - Knit-O-Matic
"Timeless pieces that are sure to become treasured family heirlooms....Gorgeous designs." - Knit 'n Style
"If you love couture fashion knit with a classic vintage look, you will enjoy "A Handknit Romance"." -
"A Handknit Romance by Jennie Atkinson is a book to fall in love with." -

"There are jackets, skirts, camisoles, stockings, day gloves, sachets, jewelry, lots of lace and beaded’s a dream of frothy girly goodness."
"My gosh: just lovely.  It’s a nice variety of patterns–not a large number of each ‘type' of pattern, but the range of possibilities is wide.  They’re lovely to look at, too.  Just paging through this book is a sensory treat."
"Beautiful garments." - The Detroit News

SKU: 12KN06

Author/Speaker/Editor: Jennie Atkinson

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781596687790

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Customer Reviews

Feminine Review by Cheryl

The book is really beautiful and the patterns are very feminine. I haven't knitted anything from the book so far, but reading over the patterns they seem very easy to follow.

I look forward to using this book often. I only gave it four stars, because I have not knitted anything out of it yet, but most likely will before the end of the year.

(Posted on 1/2/14)

A Handknit Romance by Jennie Atkinson Review by Kathryn Beach

I've been watching movies about the early 20th century lately, and one of the biggest draws for me is admiring the fashions. The soft drape of natural fibers such as silk and satin, the well-defined shapes of cottons and linen, all contributing to delicate, feminine designs that display intricate, delicate handwork. Atkinson recreates this vintage style but also draws the reader/knitter into seeing the elements of yarn, color, shape, drape, finishes, and embellishment as ways to turn any knitted garment or accessory into a unique object with vintage appeal. To emphasize innovation before you even begin perusing the patterns, Atkinson follows her introduction with a few pages of ideas on how to do exactly that, covering yarn substitutions, color swapping, embroidery and crochet finishing techniques, beads, buttons, ribbons, dyeing, and more. Each pattern includes a picture of the Vintage fashion that inspired the design, so the reader gradually learns how to find such inspiration and match it with a knitting technique that recreates the same look. It's one thing to admire and fall in love, and it's quite another thing to pick up the size 3 needles and cast on with fingering weight yarn, followed by learning a new lacy pattern. Most of these are not weekend knitting projects, unless you are content to knit into the next millennium with those few hours per week. However, there are enough patterns in thicker yarn, knit up on size 7 needles, to suggest how to gain the same feminine, vintage look in a quicker project. Follow Atkinson's suggestions and knit that dress in a shorter, tunic version. Add her embellishments and finishes to a sport weight yarn project. I'm working on a few designs myself, incorporating details of Atkinson's fitted jacket into a bag, adding beads to a neckline of a t-shirt, visualizing a cami in worsted weight cotton, knitting a skirt in worsted weight Merino. I'm learning how to design my creations to be exactly what I want them to be, after years of frustration with off-the-rack ready-to-wears and other designer's patterns never being quite right for my tastes. Thanks to Atkinson, I've got a few more tricks under my belt and my eye is keener. My own designs are already affected by the freedom I've gained from Atkinson's approach to adapting vintage fashion styles.

(Posted on 6/3/12)