Accented Metal Clay Bracelet

This exquisite metal-clay bracelet has gold and patina that highlights silver metal clay creating a marvelous bracelet you won’t want to take off!

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This sleek cool piece adds gold color in order to show off the handmade texture that gives this bracelet the distinctive look that you’ve been searching for. Create this texture by using the usual rubber stamp or a toothbrush! This is a creative way to create a bracelet that will be sure to be selling off the shelves!

Required Materials:
40 g low fire silver metal clay, 1g AGS Accent Gold for Silver 24K, liver of sulfur; dry lump or liquid gel, household ammonia, salt, olive oil, water, and renaissance wax or Johnson’s floor wax.
Tools Needed:
METAL CLAY: Rubber stamps, or texture sheets, ¾" square
template or cutter, clear acrylic rolling block, and needle tool.
HAND: Pin vise/hand drill, 3/16" drill bit, and fine and super-fine grit sanding sponges or paper.

Orignally Published: Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, August 2010.  

SKU: EP3322

Author/Speaker/Editor: Paula Bastian-DeLeon

Format: eProject