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Make the “perfect” imperfect collage in this workshop with Jenny Cochran Lee!
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Embrace imperfection in collage with Jenny Cochran Lee!

Make a mistake? Perfect. Jenny Cochran Lee encourages you to make backgrounds that go with the flow, even if your flow includes a few slip-ups along the way! As Jenny says in her video, “You really cannot make a mistake with this method.” Along with embracing your imperfections in this workshop you will. . .

  • · Freely create richly textured surface design collage elements from a wide range of materials without the stress of perfection.
  • · Learn from Jenny’s hands-on and easygoing approach to making art, including a creative overview of what materials and techniques she uses.
  • · Explore three different collage element techniques, including stitched-paper objects, sewn-paper textiles, and sketch incorporation
  • · Work from old book pages, maps, and sheet music, acrylic paints, canvas, colored and graphite pencils, and more to make the “perfect” imperfect collage!

Jenny’s friendly and approachable take on mixed-media collage is perfect for beginners, as well as those looking to mix up their collage style. Create captivating collage pieces by combining whimsical design elements with an emphasis on maximizing texture and surface design. Armed with these ideas, your next collage masterpiece is just around the corner.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Jenny Cochran Lee

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Customer Reviews

Good lesson Review by Sharon

This is the correct review for Add to Undo, Redo - Jenny Cochran Lee. This was informative and you were shown step by step on how to collage. Very interesting piece on stitched paper! The faces added a little whimsy to the piece, Jenny made it look very easy to draw the face!!. Had me thinking of the many things that can be done to complete a piece. Good Job Jenny.

(Posted on 8/3/14)

ok Review by Sharon

I was expecting more demonstrations. I am new to mixed media and although I have learnt a few things I am still searching for more. I like to see the procedure, then follow, it makes it easier for me to then go experiment. For the first half Jenny had pre-prepared projects already done.For some of the more intricate stamps she had prepared, I would have loved to see how she did it. The black and white presentation was good, so that is where I will start. For the others though, I need further inspiration.

(Posted on 8/3/14)

More than I expected Review by Janene

It was a treat to watch this video and see the techniques Jennie uses. I'm an experienced mixed media artist, so have tried most everything in the way of techniques. I liked Jennie Cochran Lee as a presenter.. She is pleasant, easy to watch and listen to, and gives good instructions making it easy to follow. I didn't expect to find rubber stamp carving or drawing faces in this, but she included them as well, making it a richer experience. I recommend this. If you like paper, paint, and layering, you will enjoy this.

(Posted on 2/27/14)