Adventures in Surface Design: Screen Printing & Beyond (Video Download)

Join fiber artist and deconstructed screen-printing expert Kerr Grabowski for a surface design adventure now available in downloadable format.
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Learn Kerr’s basic strategies for quick and successful mark making, and use them to develop your own unique vocabulary. Kerr starts by providing a thorough introduction to basic screen printing and an overview of her favorite materials. You will learn to make and use paper stencils; discover how to design an overall pattern using a simple repeat; and create simple two-color prints. All of these techniques are methods for creating simple background images that can be worked back into. Then, using media such as Caran d’Ache Neocolor pencils, pastels, and more, Kerr demonstrates how to make this “fugitive” media permanent on fabric and other substrates. Finally, you’ll learn how to work back into your pieces, as Kerr shares tips from her vast experience for adding just the right final touches. Learn quick and accessible strategies for making marks that speak to you, and start expressing yourself in your artwork.
  • Silkscreen
  • Squeegee
  • Transparent textile paints
  • Transparent base extender (the base of textile paints—used to make the paints lighter, and for bonding fugitive media to the fabric)
  • Plastic spoons or small spatulas (for use with textile paints)
  • Water-soluble crayons
  • Cretacolor® Aqua Brique watercolor blocks (water-soluble bricks)
  • Watercolor pencils
  • Charcoal
  • Soft pastels (the chalk kind, not oil pastels)
  • Prewashed fabric
  • Padded surface (to print on)
  • Plastic (to cover padded surface)
  • Pins or tape (to attach fabric to padded surface)
  • Small pointed scissors or X-acto® knife and cutting mat (for cutting stencils)
  • Newsprint (for stencils)
  • Ultra-fine or fine-point Sharpie® marker
  • Small pointed paintbrush
  • Water container and water
  • Towel (for cleanup)
  • Iron (to set textile paints and extender)

SKU: EP2234

Author/Speaker/Editor: Kerr Grabowski

Format: Standard Definition Video

Customer Reviews

Great Instructional Video Review by TrixieD

From beginning to finish, this artist reviews the techniques and products in this adventure of screen printing. I am eager to take it on and see what I can come up with - loved it!

(Posted on 6/17/14)

Excellent! Review by Constance

This video is well worth getting. Kerr presents the information well, demonstrates the techniques and shares her thought processes as she goes along. Her enthusiasm and clear expression of what she decides is a success and how to work with something one does not feel is so successful. I have seen so many videos where the presenter says just play, just have fun and although that is freeing if one is to learn a new technique it helps to have some parameters of "the box" in order to think and work out of it. This video provides that without being rigid. Thank you Kerr!!!

(Posted on 1/18/14)

Too Short for what I paid Review by Paula

I wish I had waited and got this on sale. The information is really quite good, but I felt it was way too short and too little for what I'd paid. At the current sale price, it's excellent!

(Posted on 12/30/13)

Excellent instruction and infinite inspiration Review by Debra

Kerr is an excellent teacher both in person and on her DVDs, and this one is no exception. It is clear, concise, and chock-full of techniques. If you have any desire to add color to your fabric, this DVD will inspire you. The only thing I would have added was a more extensive gallery. If you have both of Kerr's DVDs you have enough instruction for infinite inspiration to create painterly work on fabric.

(Posted on 6/10/13)

It's like this technique has been waiting for me my whole life! Review by Stella Belikiewicz

When I first watched this video, it was like an entire world of mark making on fabric that I had been waiting for all my life was suddenly was available to me. The techniques that Ms. Grabowski shares in this video are unbelievably easy, fun and fast, and allow you to make extremely beautiful, unplanned images on fabric with all sorts of unexpected media normally restricted to the world of paper, and then make them PERMANENT. I was so excited about these techniques, and also very worried that they wouldn't work as well as I hoped, that I put off trying them for two weeks, as if there were a wonderful magic spell I might break, but now I've tried drawing on fabric with a variety of media, and the silkscreen-based techniques covered in this video work with all of them. Also, Kerr Grabowski is an extremely engaging, thorough and positive teacher and I really enjoyed hearing her positive approach!

(Posted on 12/30/11)

What a blast! Review by Eva Mari Kirkvaag Bj

I have purchased several videoes and books, read up a lot on different printing techniques online etc - but this one bought yesterday is by far my new favourite source of inspiration and pure creative joy! She has the perfect mix of know how and laidback, teaching and enthusing. If you are going to buy one testdrive download for mixed media this is it. If you are someone who has always drawn and painted etc your house is probably filled with materials already as is mine. I have ordered the GAC 900 from Artifolk and cannot wait to try all this out! Now I only wish there was a downloadable version of the deconstructed of hers... *Hint, hint*

(Posted on 9/21/11)

Review by a sundaram

Very informative and inspiring. Kerr Grabowski goes through ways to apply a variety of watersoluble and dry media onto cloth both directly and through a screen. She must do a lot of experimenting and shares the results of her experiments, including tips on what not to do and why not. Apart from the colorants (textile acrylic, Neocolor II, etc.) many of her texturizing materials are everyday objects like cardboard cutout stencils, newspaper, and lace from a garage sale. Offers good tips on making and preserving your screen. I really enjoyed it and feel eager to try the various methods myself.

(Posted on 6/11/11)

Excellent program, definitely worth the time and money Review by Todd Peckham

I had never heard of Kerr Grabowski before, but what a wonderful introductory program. Gives enough details to be able to explore the design techniques demonstrated without being so overwhelming as to scare one off. I love this program

(Posted on 12/28/10)