Adventures in Surface Design Screen Printing & Beyond DVD

Join fiber artist and deconstructed screen-printing expert Kerr Grabowski for a surface design adventure.

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Learn Kerr’s basic strategies for quick and successful mark making, and use them to develop your own unique vocabulary. Kerr starts by providing a thorough introduction to basic screen printing and an overview of her favorite materials. You will learn to make and use paper stencils; discover how to design an overall pattern using a simple repeat; and create simple two-color prints. All of these techniques are methods for creating simple background images that can be worked back into. Then, using media such as Caran d’Ache Neocolor pencils, pastels, and more, Kerr demonstrates how to make this “fugitive” media permanent on fabric and other substrates. Finally, you’ll learn how to work back into your pieces, as Kerr shares tips from her vast experience for adding just the right final touches. Learn quick and accessible strategies for making marks that speak to you, and start expressing yourself in your artwork.
  • Silkscreen
  • Squeegee
  • Transparent textile paints
  • Transparent base extender (the base of textile paints—used to make the paints lighter, and for bonding fugitive media to the fabric)
  • Plastic spoons or small spatulas (for use with textile paints)
  • Water-soluble crayons
  • Cretacolor® Aqua Brique watercolor blocks (water-soluble bricks)
  • Watercolor pencils
  • Charcoal
  • Soft pastels (the chalk kind, not oil pastels)
  • Prewashed fabric
  • Padded surface (to print on)
  • Plastic (to cover padded surface)
  • Pins or tape (to attach fabric to padded surface)
  • Small pointed scissors or X-acto® knife and cutting mat (for cutting stencils)
  • Newsprint (for stencils)
  • Ultra-fine or fine-point Sharpie® marker
  • Small pointed paintbrush
  • Water container and water
  • Towel (for cleanup)
  • Iron (to set textile paints and extender)

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Kerr Grabowski

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596683921

Customer Reviews

Great video Review by Judith

I enjoyed this creative approach to a seemingly complex process. Kerr's instruction is easy to understand and a delight to watch. I didn't realize you could paint cloth with watercolor and make it permanent. I was so inspired I purchased her Deconstructed Screen Printing. It was great as well, although it dealt with dyes rather than paints.

(Posted on 1/20/14)

Kerr Grabowski's Adventures in Surface Design Review by Buttermuther

After watching this DVD, I was inspired to just jump right in and try all the examples outlined. I now consider myself a "Screen/Thermofax Printing meister!" Kerr lets you know there is no need to go out and buy every supply and tool available, she shows how to use what you have on hand to get started. This is a great DVD to add to any collection.

(Posted on 6/27/13)