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All About Fiber On Demand Web Seminar

Choose the yarn for your next knitting project thoughtfully with Tanis Gray's webinar all about fiber composition and behavior.
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all about fiber webinar
Join knitwear designer and author Tanis Gray for this webinar all about fiber. Aimed to inform knitters of all skill levels about the composition, quality, and process of making yarn, you'll learn the characteristics of common and uncommon fibers and yarns available, what yarn is best for your next knitted project, and how to care for your knitwear based on fiber content.  
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All About Fiber:

Yarn Composition, Dyeing Methods & Making the

Right Fiber Choice for Your Next Knitted Project

Webinar with Tanis Gray


Making yarn and fiber choices relies heavily on what type of garment you're knitting, what climate you live in, what stitch you're planning, and even what finishings such as buttons or fasteners you'd like to use on your piece. With this knitting webinar, Tanis will discuss which fiber to use for not only your projects, but for your exact stitches, so your knitwear will look great and last.


This knitting webinar will cover a variety of fibers and the benefits of each, including:     

  • Animal fibers
  • Plant fibers
  • Non-traditional fibers, such as stainless steel, raffia, and twine
  • Upcycled and recycled fibers

You'll also learn about yarn and fiber's sustainability regarding how it's made or dyed, including why some yarns hold dye much better than others. Tanis will discuss how to dye fiber and yarn in your own kitchen versus commercial dyeing, and the benefits and drawbacks to each.


So, what happens if you run into a pattern you love but disagree with the yarn the pattern calls for and want to change yarns? Tanis will emphasize the importance of swatching for gauge measurements so you can swap out yarns and fibers based on your personal choices. She'll explain how when you're armed with the correct information swapping out yarns can be easy.


This knitting webinar will also inform knitters about the proper care for knitwear based on fiber content. You'll learn:

  • How to correctly plan and add finishings such as buttons and beads to your knitwear while keeping the fiber content in mind.
  • How to best block your knitting based on which yarn you've knit with.
  • How to properly store your knitted piece so it last a lifetime.

Tanis will also cover her views on the sustainability in the fiber world, as well as the importance and benefits to buying local.


Join Tanis for this informative fiber webinar and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to improve the quality of your knitting.

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SKU: EP8025

Author/Speaker/Editor: Tanis Gray

File Type: MP4

Format: OnDemand Webinar

About the Author
Tanis Gray is the former yarn editor for Vogue Knitting, Knit Simple, Knit.1, Yarn Market News and the Debbie Bliss magazines. Currently she edits knitting books, works as a freelance designer, and teaches knitting.

SKU: EP8025

Author/Speaker/Editor: Tanis Gray

File Type: MP4

Format: OnDemand Webinar

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