Argentium Filigree Earrings

Lightweight and beautifully designed, master fusing with this striking earring set.

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Elegantly adorn your ears with this lightweight and stylish earring project. Master fusing with detailed directions and step by step photos that yield stylish end results. Build your fusing skills with this stylish project design.

Required Materials:

18 gauge Argentium® sterling silver wire, 10 Argentium® sterling silver jump rings, 19 gauge Argentium® sterling silver wire, Battern’s liquid flux


Ruler, Sharpie marker, Wire cutters, round nose pliers,
half round pliers, chain nose pliers, non-marking nylon pliers, 5mm metal mandrel, oval bezel mandrel, sharp pointed tweezers, flat file, saw frame and blades, goldsmith hammer,
bench block, wooden dapping block and daps, Compressed charcoal block, Solderite block, shallow dish for flux, shallow dish for granules, flux brush, torch with small to medium tip, striker, pickle pot, fine mesh plastic sieve, copper tongs, rinse water, absorbent cloth or paper towel, Flex shaft with
3M bristle brushes in blue, peach, and green

Technique: Metalsmithing

Originally Published: Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist March 2012

SKU: EP6004

Author/Speaker/Editor: Elizabeth Porter

File Type: PDF

Format: eProject