Art lessons 2014 Vol. 5: Alcohol Markers

Don't be timid with permanent markers. Learn to use alcohol markers for amazing results in your mixed-media artwork with this 5th Art Lesson from Jane Davenport.
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Was: $2.99

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Step out of your comfort zone and into uncharted territories with Jane “Danger” Davenport and explore the world of alcohol markers. In this month’s Art Lesson get the ins and outs of using alcohol makers including what types of paper to use for different outcomes. In addition, learn how alcohol markers interact with gesso and colored pencils for exciting effects. Conquer your fear of creating with permanent markers and discover the beautiful and surprising results you can achieve.

  • Learn to blend and combine alcohol markers for backgrounds, lettering, and drawing
  • Follow step-by-step instructions for combining alcohol markers with other mediums
  • Discover new techniques for using alcohol markers like Copic and Sharpie
  • Enjoy handy insider tips from expert Jane Davenport
  • Helpful instructional video with how-to annotation

Download this stunning Art lesson and create like Jane Davenport now!

Stay tuned for a new art lesson each month with Jane and learn to create from her must-haves in her supply stash!


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Customer Reviews

Good and quick tips Review by Abissag

I think price is fine for this mini course, it was full of tips. I just love it!

(Posted on 7/18/14)

More than disappointing Review by Judy

How to begin? This lesson starts with a jiggly camera and a giggly Jane who seemed to be talking to three-year-olds. On to the lesson: Each technique is described in very few words, leaving more questions than answers, and at the end there is a nice piece of mixed media art and me thinking I had not gotten $3 worth of anything. I've seen more helpful lessons free on YouTube. Sorry! Perhaps these lessons need to be rethought. If they are only 7 minutes long, perhaps one technique could be taught in more detail instead of the jumbled way they are piled on in this video.

(Posted on 6/3/14)

and a reminder! Review by Jane Davenport

p.s. The video is embedded on the first page. To see it on an apple device, you just open it in Adobe reader, and all should be well!

(Posted on 5/25/14)

Amazing value Review by Jane 'Danger' Davenport

I love making these Art Lessons - the intention behind them is a short and sweet overview of some of my techniques. They are not in-depth drawing lessons, but a fun jolt of inspiration!
They are designed so that the video and PDF work together. One gives the visual, and the other gives the detail.

Do you need all the art supplies I use? Of course not! You can use what you have. I hope you enjoy them as they were created - a jolt of inspiration!

JAne Davenport

(Posted on 5/25/14)

Disappointed Review by ANg

The site kept crashing so I will continue with my review, while I understand this was not a workshop it was a lesson, I felt the video could have been slowed down which would have created a more warmer lesson.
Would I take another? I bought two the same day and have not done the 2nd one but I don't think so. Save your money, save those 3 dollars. Save them for 6 months at 3.00 a week or even a day depending on what you can afford/ and take a full workshop/ its worth more.

(Posted on 5/9/14)

Very Disappointed Review by ANg

I guess I should have expected this when the price was so reasonable. The video was a little under 7 minutes long, was in super speed time. The information was given SO fast, and so vague on the video. The PDF was a little better HOWEVER these mini workshops are not for a beginner, you will be overwhelmed and more than likely not have half the supplies that are presented here. These minis are like teasers. Do not take this lessons if you wanting to use your alcohol marker in a conventional way, ie learning how to blend them, specifically. This is not a full workshop, This is mini teaser workshop . Again very disappointed. There is a video however you have to download the PDF and it is embedded in the PDF, And when you hover over that area and click it , it opens a window for YOUTUBE. EASY to miss. While I have taken many many workshops, Spent well over $300 on Janes full workshops, she is a contagious and fun leader, this one leaves me empty.

(Posted on 5/9/14)