Art Lessons, Vol. 5: The Magic of Mulberry

Immerse yourself in an Art Lesson that lets your paint magically take over your art. Artist Rachelle Panagarry shows you how to create mixed-media portraits from mulberry paper and the magic of your own creativity.
Art Lesson

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Sprung from the magic of a happy accident, Rachelle Panagarry will inspire you to create mixed-media portraits on mulberry paper that have a life of their own. In this step-by-step project download, you'll combine collage and portraiture with truly enchanting results.

Download this must-have lesson now to:

  • Mastermind engaging and personal collage elements that will tell your story with insight from a brilliant mixed-media artist
  • Enjoy handy insider tips from Rachelle throughout your mixed-media art project that will add an extra level of insight to your piece
  • Feast your eyes on gorgeous images with instructions that help walk you through the project
  • Watch Rachelle get her hands dirty through an in-depth video that explains her painting tips
  • Discover why Rachelle has a passion for travel watercolor sets, and how they're both long-lasting and convenient

Add an extra bit of magic to your collage portraiture that you've been missing.

Download Rachelle Panagarry's new essential resource now!

Plus! Stay tuned for a new Art Lesson each month that will give you the most innovative mixed-media art techniques to keep improving your artwork.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Rachel Panagarry

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Format: Art Lesson

ISBN 13: 9781620336342

Customer Reviews

favorite of the art lessons Review by Carol

This was my favorite of all the art lessons. I hope to see more from Rachelle!

(Posted on 4/21/14)

Great Value Review by Cassandra

The course material is great and I really like it. I would have given it five stars if the author/instructor would have answered my email. I too had questions about mulberry paper. There is none available in my town so I would have to order online. Yes, I did google mulberry paper and there are many results but the problem is that there are many kinds and weights of mulberry paper and I might end up blowing $20 or $30 bucks on a kind that isn't optimal for this method. It would have helped to have a few sources or at least a few guidelines.

(Posted on 1/26/14)

Good info...well done Review by Jamie

Aloha from Maui,

This little art lesson is well done! I appreciate all the information shared, and love the idea of using mulberry paper, so I've purchased some & will be trying out these techniques.

(Posted on 12/2/13)

Very Happy! Review by Ursula

I need to write this review, just to get the rating up!

The instructions on how to get the mulberry paper on the face are most definitely in the pdf, I'm not sure how one can overlook them. And a tip to the first reviewer: type "mulberry paper" into your search engine and be amazed at the results! ;)

I'm very happy with this purchase and find it very informative......for crying out out, I paid all of $1.40 for it! And even if you pay full price ($1.99, LOL!), you'll get more than your money's worth.


(Posted on 10/1/13)

Mysterious Mulberry Review by Pam

The instructions the previous reviewer was seeking are clearly stated in the .pdf--perhaps scrolling down in the .pdf would help to locate them. They are located on pp 3-4 of the .pdf. This technique requires some skill in using the right amount of water to pigment ratios, but even an amateur can get results--all results are unexpected and a bit mysterious and unpredictable.

(Posted on 9/5/13)

The Magic of Mulberry Review by Maria V.

No magic! I bought this workshop because I love to learn different techniques about how to draw and paint faces. I never heard about Mulberry paper, and you didn't explain how it look like nor in the pdf either in this video. Also, you didn't present the way we are going to paste it in our face, I really feel lost. How can I follow something I don't know and it is not demonstrated. ;(( You can't assume that everybody know the tools you are using, by the contrary. I felt / feel lost because I can't apply what I bought. Disappointed!

(Posted on 8/16/13)