Art of Everyday Photography

Learn how to capture the beauty of everyday while following your artistic vision with your DSLR and mobile phone.

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Art of Everyday Photography

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Art of Everyday Photography eBook

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You’ll love this photography book if:

  • You are a beginner in the world of photography and wanting to learn more
  • You love taking both DSLR and mobile photography
  • You're looking for interesting photo shoot ideas & skill-enhancing photography exercises

It’s no longer about taking photos but about making photos! Abandon your camera’s auto mode and discover the depths of your artistic vision when you learn how to use the manual controls on your DSLR and mobile cameras.

With the Art of Everyday Photography by Susan Tuttle you’ll increase your confidence in using your DSLR camera through easy-to-understand and thorough instructions. Uncover helpful tips for exposure (how aperture works, shutter speed and ISO work together), metering modes, dealing with tricky lighting situations, white balance, composition possibilities, breaking rules for creative reasons and useful accessories. Once you have a clear understanding of the settings of your camera, apply the information to several types of photography for artistic still-life scenes, landscapes, treasures in nature, portraits and more.

In addition to gaining a better understanding of your DSLR camera, this book will take a look into the world of mobile photography. Discover the best apps and settings for making top-notch and creative photos that will surely capture the perfect moment without lugging your DLSR and lenses around.

Inside Art of Everyday Photography you’ll find:

  • Inspiration for stunning works and advice from 15 top digital photographers: Christina Nordam Andersen, Daniel Berman, Lara Blair, David Booker, Edger Cuevas, Tracy Clark, Susannah Conway, Dilshad Corleone, Susanna Gordon, Thomas Kakareko, Erin Little, Vivienne McMaster, Cindy Patrick, Celine Steen, and Melissa Vincent
  • Numerous tips for using your smartphone’s camera as well as the lowdown on the coolest photo apps
  • The best methods for capturing portraits, your favorite food, landscapes, still-life scenes and more

A Word from the Author
This book is all about choices. You get to learn at your own pace and shoot in any mode that is most comfortable for you at the time. There will be lots of helpful tips to support you along the way, to meet you right where you are, as well as encourage you to grow in your craft. You will actually start to see improvement in your photography immediately, just by applying a few new tips from this book. And the more you learn and apply, the better your photos will become. Always remember that shooting from the gut is and always will be the most important factor in making photographs that capture beauty and truly move people. If you knew how to best use your tool in conjunction with your artistic intuition, think how amazing your photography could be.” —Susan Tuttle

About the Author
Maine digital SLR photographer and iPhoneographer Susan Tuttle has written three previous books with North Light Books: Photo Craft: Creative Mixed-Media and Digital Approaches to Transforming Your Photographs (2012, coauthored with Christy Hydeck), Digital Expressions: Creating Digital Art With Adobe Photoshop Elements (2010) and Exhibition 36: Mixed-Media Demonstrations and Explorations (2008).

Her mobile photography has won many awards and recognitions from venues like the prestigious American Aperture Awards (AX3) and Mobile Photography Awards. Susan’s iPhoneography has been exhibited internationally in London, New York City, Prague and Paris. In addition to authoring her own books, Susan is a frequent contributor to Stampington & Company publications and other North Light books. She was recently named technical advisor for Somerset Digital Studio magazine.

Susan shares her passion for photography and iPhoneography through online photography, iPhoneography and Photoshop/photo-editing workshops.


Chapter 1: Make Better Photos Right Now
How Your Digital SLR Works (The Very Basics)
How to Use This Book, A Stepping-Stone Model
Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO—Exposure’s Magic Three
The Light Meter
Susan’s Top Tips for Making Awesome Photos Right Now
All About Lenses
Scene Modes
Program AE (Automatic Exposure) Mode

CHAPTER 2: Take Creative Control of Your Digital SLR
Metering Modes and Exposure Compensation
White Balance
Achieving Clear Focus and Sharp Photos
Semiautomatic Exposure Modes: Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority
The Creative Camera Model for Shooting in Manual

CHAPTER 3: Portraits
My Top Portrait Tips for Single Subjects
Capturing Spirit Through the Lens: A Chat With Maine Photographer Erin Little
Successful Group Portraits
Masters of Mobile Portraiture: iPhoneographers David Booker and Edi Caves

Still-Life & Food Photography
Infuse the Everyday With Life
Still-Life Mobile Photographer: Cindy Patrick’s Go-To Apps and Unique Editing Process
Food Photography
Top Tips From a Food Stylist: Food Photographer Celine Steen

CHAPTER 5: Landscape & Nature Photography
Landscape Subject Ideas
Landscape Tips and Techniques
Nature Tips and Techniques
Capturing Landscapes and Nature With Mobile Devices: Photography Tips by Daniel Berman and Melissa Vincent

CHAPTER 6: Everyday Life & Travel Photography
Your Amazing Everyday Life
The Art of the Everyday: Tips From Tracey Clark and Susannah Conway
The Story of Your Travels
Mobile Street Photography Masters: Advice From Christina Nørdam Andersen, Thomas Kakareko and Dilshad Corleone
Mobile Photo Wall of Fame
Life Celebrations
Contributing Photographers
About Susan

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