Art Techniques for Quilt Design

Craft a freeform nest pattern, create collages from fabric, and tap into your creativity with Carrie Bloomston.

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Art Techniques for Quilt Design DVD
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Art Techniques for Quilt Design Video Download

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You'll love this if:

  • You want to explore your creativity and learn how to channel your artistic voice.
  • You love creating art quilts and want to learn how to invent unique patterns.
  • You want to wake up your inner artist and tap into your creativity for designing thoughtful patterns.

Tap into your artistic side

Confidently create contemporary fabric and quilt designs with Carrie's artistic guidance

Join innovative artist, designer, and quilter Carrie Bloomston for Art Techniques for Quilt Design, a Quilting Arts Workshop™ video that will help all artists find their voice and translate that in their work. Begin by learning how to capture the essence of an idea in cloth by using the simple warm-up techniques, drawing exercises, and basic design principles taught in art school.

Next, channel your art and focus on your inner voice with Carrie's technique for shutting out your mind and focusing on what feels and looks right. Then put these techniques to the test as you learn how to craft a freeform nest pattern, create collages from fabric, and design a quilt based on children's artwork.

Get your copy of this video workshop today to:

  • Discover how to consider artistic values and create art quilts using gesture, blind contour, color, form, contrast, and more.
  • Explore how important it can be to warm up – allowing your body the opportunity to experience your craft to take in the experience.
  • Put composition to work and create quilting designs out of cloth with movement and balance.
  • Learn to speak the language of your materials – be in the moment with your quilt designs and trust your intuition.
  • Uncover expert tips to bring out the most from your contemporary quilts and other fiber art projects.
  • And so much more!

Take it from Carrie: "My goal is to help people sew simple, artful stuff. My whole life I have heard people say, 'My aunt was an artist, but I can't even draw a stick figure,' and the like. Phooey, I say. Think of me as your inner-artist enabler!"

About the Artist:

Carrie Bloomston has been an artist her entire life. She studied painting and glassblowing at the Rhode Island School of Design, and turned to sewing when she was expecting her daughter. Carrie is a successful fabric designer, author, pattern designer, artist, and creativity expert. She lives and works in Arizona with her husband and two children.