Basic Cabochon Cutting for Jewelry Makers with Michael Boyd

Learn expert lapidary techniques from Michael Boyd to advance your jewelry designs with your own gemstone cutting in this workshop DVD packed with step-by-step directions, stone cutting tool information, and more.

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Basic Cabochon Cutting for Jewelry Makers
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Basic Cabochon Cutting for Jewelry Makers Download in HD
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Basic Cabochon Cutting for Jewelry Makers

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Rock your cabochons!

Learn lapidary skills you need to advance your jewelry designs

Join award winning lapidary and metalsmith artist Michael Boyd for this workshop DVD dedicated to stone cutting and design. With detailed steps and directions, explore the possibilities cutting your own cabochons provides your jewelry designs.

Jumpstart your gemstone cutting skills with this in-depth informational workshop that explores all the must-know information for cutting gemstones perfect for any metalsmith jewelry artist looking to advance their lapidary skills. Boost your lapidary skills as you learn the basics for drilling, smoothing, and polishing cabochons to create beautiful professional stones. Then, uncover expert advice for finding rough, cutting stones with natural surface edges, and more techniques that take go beyond the basics.

Order your copy of this must-have workshop DVD today to:

  • Successfully cut your own cabochons from start to finish with detailed stone cutting tool and equipment lists, step-by-step directions, and must know safety information.
  • Learn how to choose the right bits, grits, and polishes to get the perfect gem every time.
  • Explore flat lapping techniques, drill tiny or large holes with ease, master polishing methods using graduated grits, and more.
  • Learn dopping methods for adding temporary handles to tough-to-grip stones.
  • And much more!

Discover this ultimate workshop DVD ideal for learning how to cut a stone, and integrate it into your jewelry designs simultaneously. Finally you can master cutting your own gemstones with this lapidary workshop packed with useful information, must-know techniques, and expert tips you won’t want to be without. Start cutting dynamic and beautiful stones to take your jewelry designs above and beyond today!


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Author/Speaker/Editor: Michael Boyd

File Type: MP4, PDF

Format: DVD

Runtime: 132 Minutes

Customer Reviews

Excellent DVD on Cab Cutting Review by Nancy

Michael does a great job of explaining the basics of cab cutting. I find his DVDs to be source to return to over and over again. He explains not only the technique but the usage of the machines. Can't wit for more DVDs!

(Posted on 8/16/14)

Great Video Review by Peggy

I was very impressed with Michael Boyd's video. I learned a lot and appreciated that he shared his knowledge with us. Highly recommend this video especially for beginners like me.

(Posted on 10/4/13)

BRAVO! Review by Benjamin Pastrana

I know nothing about lapidary techniques but now I can say I learned a LOT about no only the steps but the safety considerations to take in every step and the different equipment available. Boyd is an excellent teacher and artist that will make you feel confident to try even if you are new to lapidary work. About the camera shots as someone mentioned here in another review, I thought the same but it is very hard to insert a camera in such a task were you have to keep watching what you are doing, many videos about jewellery have the same problem but in this case later in the video they took better camera close shots. Is one of the best, if not the best video I have seen!
We want to see volume 2, about creative SETTINGS WITH THE STONES!

(Posted on 8/30/13)

Great info but poor camera shots Review by David

Being a novice at lapidary, the techniques covered in this video helped me to learn more about cutting, however the camera angles left a lot to be desired. Most times while Michael was actually cutting the stones, the closeup shots did not reveal the stone passing through the blades. Instead all you saw was a close up shot of the back of his hand. Disappointing for sure.

(Posted on 8/22/13)

Wonderful and inspiring. Review by Jamie

I loved this download. It covered not just basic cab cutting, but showed me expanded uses of the equipment and more options such as different ways to make beads into cabochons. Well worth the money. I'm already hoping for the the next one. Would love to see more on how he layers and sets stones. Excellent!

(Posted on 7/23/13)

This dvd surpassed all my expectations and gave me the knowledge to cut beautiful stones. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Review by Bronwyn

I have admired Michael Boyd's work for a few years now but because I live in Australia I could not attend any of his classes. This dvd surpassed all my expectations and filled in all the gaps of knowledge that I needed to cut beautiful stones. I highly recommend this dvd. I would love to see Michael produce a further dvd on his metal into stone technique.

(Posted on 7/18/13)