Beading For The Soul Inspired Designs from 23 Contemporary Artists

Beading is a relaxing, meditative, and even healing activity for many people. Beading for the Soul takes these aspects of the craft to a deeper level.

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Beading for the Soul explores the relaxing, meditative, and healing aspects of beading. It combines 26 amazing projects-including necklaces, bracelets, wall hangings, bags, a journal cover, a photo cube, an heirloom box, and a mobile-with thoughtful insights from the artists. Look inside and you'll find:
  • A starting point for your own creative process
  • Thorough, step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations that encourage you to adapt, borrow, and combine techniques in meaningful ways
  • A wide range of techniques for beginning and advanced beadworkers:
  • Basics like knotting, seed beading, peyote stitch, brick stitch, lazy stitch, ladder stitch, and bead embroidery stitches
  • More specialized techniques like bead weaving, beading on screen, French beaded flower making, and painting on glass
No matter what you believe about the power of beads-their protecting or healing abilities, their ceremonial or cultural significance, or just their beauty as personal adornment-you'll find your creative haven in Beading for the Soul.

Reviews: "This is an excellent guide for any bead lover, complete with resources and traditional beads from around the world."-Vision Magazine: Catalyst for Conscious Living
Table of Contents
Chapter One: Beading for Protection
  • Lover's Eye Pin (Laura McCabe)
  • Eye Bead Necklace (Stephanie Sersich)
  • Green Guardian Necklace (Sage Holland)
Chapter Two: Beading for Healing
  • Baltic Princess Necklace (Margi Foster)
  • Milagros Necklace and Shrine Pin (Kim Yubeta)
  • Milagros Bracelet (Stephanie Sersich)
  • Healing Journal (Robin Atkins)
Chapter Three: Beading for Strength
  • Broadcollar Variation (Julia Pretl)
  • Pinto Bear Necklace (Mary Hicklin)
  • Peruvian Cat Totem Bag (Susan Guagliumi)
  • Armillary and Cosmic Orbit (Victoria Hughes)
Chapter Four: Beading for Good
  • Chinese Good Fortune Pouch (Helen Banes)
  • Two Fetish Bags (David Dean)
  • Pearl Peace Dove Pendant (Isis Ray)
  • Bead Mobile (Beau Anderson)
Chapter Five: Beading for Prayer
  • Bead-Embroidered Icon (Mary Walker)
  • Handheld Prayer Beads (Eleanor Wiley)
  • Three Beaded Prayers (Sonya Clark and Stephenie Goodwin)
  • Beaded Mandala (Mary Tafoya)
Chapter Six: Beading for Bonding
  • Wedding Shawl (Eleanor Wiley)
  • Double-Strand Bridal Necklace (Laura McCabe)
  • Heirloom Cube (Julia Pretl)
  • French Beaded Roses (Donna DeAngelis Dickt)
Chapter Seven: Beading for Remembrance
  • Personal Symbols Neckband (Diane Fitzgerald)
  • Two Scarab Brooches (Judith Bennett)
  • Totem Necklace (Chelle Mayer)

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Deborah Cannarella

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