Beading with Shaped Beads

Discover all the possibilities shaped beads hold for your beadwork! Join Melinda Barta in this ultimate beading workshop DVD as she demonstrates how to stitch with these beautiful beads in your jewelry designs!

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Spark your creativity!

Learn expert tips and tricks to work with exciting shaped beads

Join Beadwork Editor Melinda Barta as she demonstrates everything you’ve ever wanted to know about different shaped beads. Be on the edge of this new trend with the must-have tips and tricks shared in this ultimate beading workshop DVD.

Start off with a comprehensive description of the different varieties of shaped beads including Tilas, Superduos, peanut beads, spikes, and more! Then, go in-depth as Melinda teaches you how to modify traditional bead stitches including peyote stitch, herringbone, ladder stitch, and more to use with these exciting shapes. Plus, see side by side how similar shaped beads react to the different stitches.

Enhance your beaded jewelry as you:

  • Get started the right way with a comprehensive materials and tools overview, plus Melinda’s expert, tried-and-true tips for hiding threads, maintaining proper tension, and more.
  • Learn the best stitches to use with the hottest shaped beads including Tilas, Superduos, peanut beads, and more.
  • Take your beadwork to the next level as you explore new ways to embellish your beadwork with shaped beads.
  • Discover which similar beads are interchangeable and which aren’t for easy substitutions.
  • Skip the guesswork with up close shots and detailed thread path diagrams.
  • And more!


Discover this ultimate beading video that covers all the groundwork for stitching with exciting shaped beads! Watch this ultimate tutorial on your own time, starting and stopping where it’s convenient for you. Shape up your beading designs and master these unique beads that offer endless possibilities for your beadwork!

About the Author
Melinda Barta is editor of Beadwork magazine and author of five books, including Mastering Peyote Stitch (Interweave, 2012). In her Beadwork column Custom Cool, she teaches beaders of all skill levels how to create custom components using beadweaving stitches. She has filmed DVD workshops on peyote stitch, herringbone stitch, beaded bezels, and more. Visit

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Melinda Barta

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781620335062

Customer Reviews

in favour of dvd Review by Kathleen

Hi, I would just like to say that although I like having a book to look at I have no problem having this in dvd format. As I live in England the postage costs of a book is very high. Therefore, although like everyone else, I don't bead in front of a computer, I have no trouble looking for and printing a copy of any pattern I wish to bead, this also allows me to have a subscription to my favourite mag (beadwork) at an affordable cost, Could I also point out that whilst it is nice to get others views on things, this is supposed to be reviewing the contents rather than the format, having looked through all the reviews I am no wiser to the content of this book or what people think of the patterns in it

(Posted on 3/6/14)

Great DVD Review by Monika

Another wonderful DVD by Melinda

(Posted on 2/21/14)

Book Version Please! Review by Jeannie Marie

Karen and Dee are spot on! I'm a very techno-savvy person. But my work places me in front of a computer way too much. There's something intimate - one-to-one -in being able to hold the book in your hand in a good light, surrounded by your beads and equipment, to INSPIRE you! With printed 4-color books you can be INSPIRED anywhere!! Granted there are many who who might be able to "learn more easily" from a "live demonstration" - but those are videos, and not "e-books." To my disappointment, too many of the great book concepts presented here by Interweave come ONLY as "downloadable" e-books. Yes the profit margin is really broad on those - but a sale lost is dollar not earned. The only good thing about all the "e-book" offerings is the money I'm saving. Please follow Karen and Dee's suggestion! Thanks J-M

(Posted on 2/3/14)

Overload Review by Billy

I have two other DVD's from Ms Barta, Custom Clasps and Beaded Bezels. Both are wonderful and well put together instruction tools, well arranged and delivered. But in my opinion. this latest DVD, Beading With Shaped Beads is a disappointment. It is to me, too much product, too many confusing diagrams, and she seems to be in such a rush to cover it all that you can almost hear her exhale at the end of the video. I had to stop the DVD, replay, rest and replay again. I know this might sound like a joke but it isn't. I was so impressed with the first two purchases that I was really looking forward to her explanations of all the new beads. They should have somehow divided this one DVD into two separate units. Maybe if it were in book format, as the other reviewers mentioned it would have been much better, it would have been for me. But with that said reviews are opinions, opinions are personal and you ultimately have to form your own, Good Luck.

(Posted on 2/1/14)

BOOK! Review by Karen

I am in agreement with Dee. I would very much like to order Beading with Shaped Beads in book or ebook. I do not sit in front of the tv or computer to bead and rather have patterns in front of me and not have to peruse a dvd for a pattern. Please let us know how we can order this in print format. Thank you very much.

(Posted on 1/21/14)

DVD Review by Dee

I and almost everyone else I have talk to would like to buy this DVD in book format. We do not sit in front of the computer to bead so a DVD is not very helpful to us. Is there away this will come out in paperback book form or even an ebook???

(Posted on 11/25/13)