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Welcome to the Beading Daily Shop, the place to be rain or shine, to celebrate all there is to love about beads and beading! With a broad range of beading books, videos, and resources to choose from, this shop is dedicated to helping all beaders, beginner or advanced, succeed in learning how to bead. Along with our commitment to bring you the most valuable products available in the beading world, you’ll discover a new learning opportunity with free beading tips, advice, and articles to help beaders of every skill level learn and grow. Read all of our featured free articles to further your knowledge and improve your beading skills.

Getting Started: Peyote Stitch Instructions

Peyote Stitch

Peyote stitch is a favorite among bead-weavers, and is usually one of the first stitches a new beader learns. We’ll help you understand the basics of peyote beading, the many variations, plus guide you to helpful resources to help you get started or advance your skills.

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Bead Making

Bead Making

Make beads of your own to incorporate in your jewelry. No really, it’s easier than you think. This article covers the ins and outs to making glass beads, polymer clay beads, and more. You will also discover helpful resources to advance your bead-making skills.

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Check our five commonly displayed signs of a bead-weaving addiction. This arctilce covers the crazy things we do for the love of all things bead-weaving. You'll also discover helpful resources to advance your bead-weaving techniques

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Wire Jewelry

Wire Jewelry Making

Not only can you use wire jewelry techniques to make stunning wire jewelry, but you can incorporate your favorite beads to add a unique touch to your bead designs. If you can make a wrapped loop, you already have what it takes to make wire jewelry!

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Wire Wrap Jewelry

Wire Wrapping

Improving your wire wrapping techniques can be as easy as starting with the right tools for the job. Get down to the basics in this helpful article on four essential tools for wire wrapping. You’ll also discover helpful resources full of instruction and projects to explore more magic of wire wrapped jewelry.

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Bead Embroidery

Bead Embroidery

Some have described bead embroidery as the art of painting with beads. Discover how to blend your seed beads into a wonderful peice of wearable art. Learning how to embroider with beads can be as basic as knowing these four secrets. You’ll also discover helpful resources full of instruction and projects to explore the magic of bead embroidery.

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Learn About Herringbone Stitch

Herringbone Stitch

Herringbone stitch has such a wonderfully rich history that any beader can take part in. Beaders love herringbone for its versatility and numerous variations possible of creating unique textures no matter what beads you use. Discover three reasons herringbone will make you happy and get the resources and patterns to help improve your beading technique.

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Bead with Crystals


Can't we all agree that the world may need more crystals? Many of us beaders find that by adding crystals to our beaded jewelry designs, we transform our projects to shiny, beautiful creations. Discover three reasons you might enjoy working with more crystals and get the resources and patterns to help improve your technique.

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Bead Videos

How to Bead Videos

Learning how to bead can change your life in so many amazing ways. From new friends you will meet, to new places you will see, there is so much to learn from beads. Uncover amazing resources full of valuable instruction in our top beading videos.

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