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  1. 101 Bracelets Necklaces and Earrings 2012

    101 Bracelets Necklaces and Earrings 2012

    101 Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings is back with tons of step-by-step jewelry projects. Bonus! These featured designs are never-before-seen projects, selected by the editors of Beadwork and Jewelry Stringing magazines. Learn More

    Item Number: HB1200

    Availability: In stock

    Was: $14.99

    Sale: $3.99

  2. Beadwork August/September 2012

    Beadwork August/September 2012

    Not only learn but master shaping tricks, St. Petersburg stitch, and geometric beading with 18 innovative jewelry designs! Plus so much more! Learn More

    Item Number: B1208

    Availability: In stock


  3. Beadwork Designer of the Year Series Bead Stitching Triangles with Jean Power DVD

    Beadwork Designer of the Year Series Bead Stitching Triangles with Jean Power DVD

    Add intrigue to your beadwork with beautifully beaded triangles. Learn More

    Item Number: 12BD29

    Availability: In stock


  4. Stringing Summer 2012

    Stringing Summer 2012

    Customize your jewelry with exciting mixed-media techniques! This special mixed-media issue will show you how to use resin, polymer clay, metal stamps, and wrapped filigrees to spice up your jewelry pieces! Learn More

    Item Number: ST1206

    Availability: In stock


  5. 2009 Beadwork CD Collection

    2009 Beadwork CD Collection

    Discover timeless techniques, step-by-step illustrations, and expert how-tos all on one collection CD. Learn More

    Item Number: 12BD30

    Availability: In stock


  6. Beadwork June/July 2012

    Beadwork June/July 2012

    Packed full of inspiring projects, amazing tips, and one-of-a-kind tricks, this issue of Beadwork magazine will have you working on a new exhilarating jewelry collection in no time! Learn More

    Item Number: B1206

    Availability: In stock


  7. Beadwork April/May 2012

    Beadwork April/May 2012

    With 20+ all-new beaded designs, the magnificent April/May Beadwork issue will have you creating fresh and fun jewelry in no time! Learn new beading techniques, practice your favorite methods, learn new tricks and tips for creating unique jewelry, and much more. Learn More

    Item Number: B1204

    Availability: In stock


  8. Getting Started with Seed Beads Paperback

    Getting Started with Seed Beads Paperback

    Author Dustin Wedekind takes readers through the process of working with seed beads, from shopping to storing and from stringing to sewing a successful beginning project. Learn More

    Item Number: 12BD17

    Availability: In stock


  9. Stringing Spring 2012

    Stringing Spring 2012

    Add a splash of color to your stash with the special color issue of Stringing Spring 2012 magazine: 32 beaded necklaces + 18 bracelets + 29 earrings = over 75 jewelry designs that you can start enjoying today! Learn More

    Item Number: ST1203

    Availability: In stock


  10. 2010 Beadwork CD Collection

    2010 Beadwork CD Collection

    Get 6 full issues of Beadwork to start creating simple to intricate bead stitching designs! Learn More

    Item Number: 12BD14

    Availability: In stock


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