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  1. Stained Glass Screen Beading

    Stained Glass Screen Beading

    Capture the lovely, glowing hues of cut and leaded glass with beads. Learn More

    Item Number: EP1502

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  2. Butterfly Gathering

    Butterfly Gathering

    Lacy butterflies made with Czech fire-polished beads Learn More

    Item Number: EP1504

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  3. Jeweled Pea Pods

    Jeweled Pea Pods

    Wireworked pea pods bursting with semiprecious peas Learn More

    Item Number: EP1505

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  4. Pagoda Earrings

    Pagoda Earrings

    A graceful pair of wire-wrapped earrings inspired by traditional Japanese motifs Learn More

    Item Number: EP1506

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  5. Coiled Gem Drops

    Coiled Gem Drops

    Earrings of coiled wire with gemstone dangles Learn More

    Item Number: EP1507

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  6. Beaded Needlepoint for a Journal Cover

    Beaded Needlepoint for a Journal Cover

    Patterns for weaving, embroidering a journal cover Learn More

    Item Number: EP1478

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  7. Beads Baubles and Jewels TV Series 900 DVD

    Beads Baubles and Jewels TV Series 900 DVD

    Beads, Baubles and Jewels is all about education, inspiration and personal expression! Our goal is to inspire you to make your own jewelry. Learn More

    Item Number: 09BD11

    Availability: In stock


  8. Crystal Delights Bracelet

    Crystal Delights Bracelet

    Easy sparkling bracelet Learn More

    Item Number: EP1329

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  9. Tiny Wrappings

    Tiny Wrappings

    Wire-wrapped-loop bracelet and earrings Learn More

    Item Number: EP1368

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  10. Spectra Bracelet & Earrings Set

    Spectra Bracelet & Earrings Set

    Link anodized rings in a simple pattern to add some lightweight cheer! Learn More

    Item Number: EP1397

    Availability: Download Now


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