Beads, Baubles, and Jewels TV Episode 1709 - Pleasing Patterns Video Download

Make beautiful jewelry with different patterns. Erin Madsen modifies ladder stitch for a stretchy bracelet. Create a colorful asymmetrical bracelet with Molly Schaller, and make a beautiful ring set with Kate Richbourg.
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Explore how your favorite designers use patterns to create jewelry that pops in this 28-minute episode of Beads, Baubles, and Jewels. Symmetrical, asymmetrical, and repeating jewelry making patterns: expert designers cover them all. Erin Madsen shows how to modify ladder stitch to create a symmetrical stretchy seed bead design. Molly Schaller demonstrates an asymmetrical beaded bracelet pattern with standout slider elements, and Kate Richbourg makes an expertly soldered ring with a unique and versatile pattern for metal!

Download this informative episode today to:

  • Discover the expert secrets of the jewelry world's leading designers: Erin Madsen, Kate Richbourg, and Molly Schaller.
  • Learn how to use patterns to help structure your own jewelry designs.
  • Dive into exciting new tips and hot new tricks with step-by-step instructions and up-close detail.
  • And much more!


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Format: Standard Definition Video