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Keep up with the hottest trends! Imbed botanicals into your bezel designs for a hot floral look with Kristen Robinson. Cynthia Deis creates a mixed media necklace by combining beads and ribbon together. Plus, mix elements into interchangeable designs with Erin Madsen.
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Check out all the trends you won’t want to miss with the 13th episode of the Beads, Baubles, and Jewels 1700 season! Imbed botanicals into your bezel designs to create a hot mixed media look with Kristen Robinson and mix beads and ribbon together in a ruched fiber necklace with Cyntia Deis. Plus, Erin Madesn shares must know jewelry short cuts that mix materials together into hot interchangeable designs.

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  • Discover the secrets of the jewelry world's leading designers: Kristen Robinson, Cynthia Deis, and Erin Madesn.
  • Dive into exciting new trends and hot new tricks with step-by-step instructions and up-close details.
  • Make a grown up friendship bracelet and learn a timeless trend with Katie Hacker.
  • And much more!

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Format: Standard Definition Video