Beads Baubles and Jewels TV Series 1700 DVD

Think like a designer with Series 1700 of Beads, Baubles, and Jewels. Join host Katie Hacker and expert jewelry designers and discover soldering tips, fashionable beading patterns, wire wrapping techniques, and much more!

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Are you ready to think like a designer?
Join host Katie Hacker in the 17th season of Beads, Baubles, and Jewels!

Get ready for season 1700 of Beads, Baubles, and Jewels! Featuring all 13 episodes (over 6 full hours), this DVD set is packed with the skills, expert techniques, and trends you need to boost your jewelry. Bonus! Get two additional clips and learn Jean Campbell’s beading basics, and Kate Richbourg’s soldering secrets!

Discover tips and tricks to think like a designer in this expert-loaded season. Ramp up your designs by rethinking how to use your jewelry elements, mix shapes and textures within your projects, incorporate color, use different mixed-media components, and so much more! Whether you are a beginner or veteran, each episode of Beads, Baubles, and Jewels has the design information you need to know.

Get your 4-disc copy of this all-inclusive series to:
Pump up your designs while learning new wire, beadwork, and mixed media techniques and trends!
• Eliminate the guesswork with expert tips, close-up shots, and easy-to-see steps.
Discover secrets from the world's leading designers including Kate Richbourg, Dale Nicholson, Wyatt White, Leslie Rogalski, Jean Campbell, and many others.
Inspire your designs; add bold color elements, use materials in innovative ways, incorporate pleasing patterns, and more.
And so much more!

You won’t want to miss a single episode full of jewelry-making tips for everyone!

Episode 1701: Pops of Color
Pump up the color volume on your jewelry! Learn Leslie Rogalski’s tricks for circular brick stitch. Make a coral-colored bracelet with Molly Schaller, and add subtle color to metal jewelry with Kate Richbourgh.

Episode 1702: Bold Central Elements
Make your jewelry stand out with techniques for adding bold elements! Drill stones with Candie Cooper, create a colorful necklace with Molly Schaller, and make a wire-wrapped pendant with Wyatt White.

Episode 1703: More is More
Layer elements together for an over-the-top look. Dale Nicholson shares a wire technique for layering resin and metal. Mary Hettmansperger combines clay and metal elements into a dramatic design, plus Julianna Hudgins mixes metal, fabric, and wire in one bracelet!

Episode 1704: Mixing Shapes
Mix shapes in new and exciting ways! Use resin and ribbon in a bracelet design with Kristen Robinson. Feature crystals in your beaded designs with Leslie Rogalski, and solder jump rings onto your shapes with Kate Richbourgh.

Episode 1705: Frame It
Showcase your style by using frames as accent elements! Learn Suki Allen’s secrets for creating collage pendants with resin. Candie Cooper shares how to stamp words into frames to create a personal touch, and Jackie Truty begins her gem aquarium.

Episode 1706: Layer It
Be inspired by layering elements and colors together. Finish the gem aquarium with Jackie Truty and layer resin and objects inside. Then wire wrap colorful beads onto metal elements with Dale Nicholson.

Episode 1707: New Techniques
Discover new innovations to pump up your designs! Use fish leather in a beautiful pendant with Katie Hacker, iron elements onto a fabric bracelet with Dale Nicholson, and join Wyatt White to twist thick-gauge wire into beautiful bracelets.

Episode 1708: Color It
Color your world; color your designs! Kate Richbourgh shares her technique for patinaing metal with heat, Christi Freisen adds color to a polymer clay beads, and Julianna Hudgins paints shrink plastic pendants!

Episode 1709: Pleasing Patterns
Make beautiful jewelry with different patterns. Erin Madsen modifies ladder stitch for a stretchy bracelet. Create a colorful asymmetrical bracelet with Molly Schaller, and make a beautiful ring set with Kate Richbourg.

Episode 1710: Outside the Box
Rethink how you use those every day materials! Make your pendants pop by riveting disk beads onto a decorative pendant with Mary Hettmansperger. Plus, learn how Jean Campbell protects her bead stitch threads with an everyday household item.

Episode 1711: Making Connections
Connect different parts together in innovative ways! Combine beads and wire into beautiful chandelier earrings with Katie Hacker. Make prong settings for unusually shaped stones with Joe Silvera. Plus, weave seed beads and chain together with Leslie Rogalski.

Episode 1712: Creating Texture
Add depth and dimension to your jewelry by adding texture! Create your own custom textured hammers with Joe Silvera. Make custom polymer clay beads with Syndee Holt, and create a colorful and dimensional cord with Jean Campbell.

Episode 1713: Hot Motifs
Keep up with the hottest trends! Imbed botanicals into your bezel designs for a hot floral look with Kristen Robinson. Cynthia Deis creates a mixed media necklace by combining beads and ribbon together. Plus, mix elements into interchangeable designs with Erin Madsen.

SKU: 12BD21

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596687059


SKU: 12BD21

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596687059

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