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Beginning Brioche Knitting: Learn the basics of the brioche family of stitches On Demand Web Seminar

Learn brioche knitting basics and beyond with Faina Goberstein during this knitting webinar
On-Demand Web Seminar

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Beginning Brioche Knitting:
Learn the basics of the brioche family of stitches

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In European books it is known as English Rib, while in American books it is called Shaker knitting or more modern name - Brioche.


The brioche family of stitches includes numerous stitch patterns, which have a common element of a slipped stitch with a paired yarnover. In this fundamentally different technique yarnover serves as a companion of the worked stitch. The function of the yarnover is to plump up the stitch. The result is a soft, fluffy, comfortable, and three-dimensional fabric.


The more recognized basic brioche rib alternates elevated columns of knit stitches with purl-like stitches that recede into the background. Each stitch variation has its own flavor and structure.  


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Faina Goberstein has a long-time love for brioche stitches. With this webinar, Faina will guide you through brioche stitches, show you simple variations of brioche, and how to decrease and increase in basic brioche rib. Bring yarn with you when you attend this webinar to make gauge swatches with Faina!


Once you have mastered basic brioche stitch, you can go on to adding a color for more interesting patterns. You also can combine brioche with other stitch patterns such as lace, texture, or cables. Because many brioche patterns are reversible, they are ideal for cowls, neck warmers, and scarves.

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With this Beginning Brioche Knitting webinar, you will:

  • Read and understand abbreviations for brioche such as brk, brp, and more
  • Learn how brioche stitches are formed
  • Find out what yarns to use 
  • Knit basic brioche using the English knitting method
  • Knit basic brioche using the Continental knitting method
  • Produce nice selvage edges for your knitted swatch
  • Count brioche stitches 
  • Work half-brioche stitch
  • Work ripple brioche
  • See examples where various Brioche stitches are used
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  • Knitters who know basic skills of knitting
  • Knitters who are interested in learning new techniques
  • Knitters who admired brioche stitches and always wanted to learn brioche knitting techniques
  • Knitters who want to be able to use brioche for small projects
  • Knitters who need to learn brioche in order to make a garment that is using brioche stitches
  • Knitters who want to improve their skills
  • Shop owners who will teach their customers
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Faina Goberstein is an accomplished knitwear designer, author, and a professional teacher. She teaches on, Knitting Lab, local yarn shops, and other venues. Her designs can be found in Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits, Knit.Wear, Twist Collective, her own line of patterns, FGDesigns, (found on, and various books. Faina is the co-author of The Art of Seamless Knitting, 2013, Interweave Press.

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Format: On-Demand Web Seminar