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Simply Sockupied 2012 eMag for PC and Mac

Get started knitting socks with the Simply Sockupied eMag, an interactive journey on learning to knit socks for beginner knitters.

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Learn to Knit Socks One Step at a Time!

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Simply Sockupied:
Handknit Socks, Step by Step


Attention new sock knitters! It's time to join the sock knitting craze with your very own Sockupied eMag: Simply Sockupied: Handknit Socks, Step by Step. This interactive eMag is geared towards learning to knit socks one step at a time so even the novice knitter can be successful!


Simply Sockupied will get your sock knitting off on the right foot! From cast-on to bind-off, this interactive issue walks knitters through the process of knitting socks from a number of angles, offering five beginner-friendly original patterns accompanied by step-by-step instruction.



Complete sock beginners or knitters looking to build skills in a few new techniques will find sock-knitting confidence in this Simply Sockupied eMag.  


What's an eMag?
Simply Sockupied is an interactive look at sock knitting that includes videos, interactive features, patterns, tips and tricks for sock knitting, and much more. You can download this new eMag to your PC or MAC computer or iPad for a whole new approach to knitting socks. (For the iPad version, please visit the Apple Store.)  


Download the new Simply Sockupied eMag today and get started
on your sock knitting adventure!
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Inside this issue:  

Learn to knit socks step by step!


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Learn the parts of the sock


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Simply Sockupied begins with a great sock pattern by Ann Budd perfect for your first pair of knitted socks. You'll learn what sock yarns will work best, what tools you need to knit socks successfully, and much more.


Then venture into striping with Deb Barnhill's Speed Bump socks using a unique self-striping yarn that does the work for you.


Don't worry, Simply Sockupied includes glossary instructions for basic knitting maneuvers to help you along the way.


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Knit Deb Barnhill's Speed Bump Socks



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When you're ready to try something new, Simply Sockupied takes things a step further with editor Anne Merrow's Up + Down Socks, a simple short-row sock that can be knit toe-up or top-down.


Simply Sockupied also includes a fun knit-worthy article about sock knitters from "way back when," yarn reviews for sock yarns from no-frills to special treats, and even a letter from Clara Parkes welcoming beginning sock knitters to the world of socks. Plus, you can meet other new sock knitters with the Simply Sockupied knitalong, a feature that offers both support and fun factoids about sock knitting.


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Take it a step further with Judy Alexander's
Simply Elegant Cable Socks

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Finally, the world of sock knitting awaits!


Learn how to customize your sock cuffs with Angela Davis. She offers three different cuffs: colorful, lacy, and picot. Take these skills to design your own finishings on future sock knitting projects.


You'll also be well prepared to try Judy Alexander's Simply Elegant Cable Socks! The winding cable of this sock is easy enough to master once you have the basics of sock knitting down, and the elegant result will amaze your new sock knitting friends!




What are you waiting for? Download the Simply Sockupied eMag today
and see what all the sock-knitting fuss is all about!

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Table of Contents

Q: What software do I need to view this Simply Sockupied eMag?
Simply Sockupied requires a simple software application called Adobe® Air® that’s easy to use and can be installed on your computer for free. Simply Sockupied includes articles, videos, galleries, hyperlinks to inspiring and informative websites, and so much more. With just the click of your mouse, you can open and play videos, view slideshows, and easily navigate through the eMag.

Q: How is Simply Sockupied different than the digital edition of Interweave Knits Magazine?
Simply Sockupied and other Sockupied eMags are an entirely unique product, separate from Interweave Knits and Knitscene magazines. These eMags focuse solely on sock knitting. Unlike digital editions of Interweave Knits and Knitscene magazines, which are exact replications of the print editions, Sockupied was developed as a digital product so it can capitalize on all the benefits of digital media capabilities—including videos, slideshows, zoom options that enable you to see close-ups of knitted socks, patterns that can be downloaded and printed, abilities to hyperlink to websites, and more.

 Q: Will Simply Sockupied be available as a print magazine?
 Simply Sockupied was built as a digital product, therefore it will not be printed as a traditional magazine. However, we hope you take advantage of the many printable materials included in Simply Sockupied.

Q: Is Sockupied or Simply Sockupied available as a subscription?
 Sockupied is considered a special digital publication and is not available for a subscription. Each Sockupied eMag, including this edition of Simply Sockupied, is a single issue and available as a single download.

Q: Does Sockupied mean that Interweave Knits or Knitscene magazines will stop printing?
A: Absolutely not! Interweave Knits and Knitscene print and digital magazines are entirely separate offerings to the knitting craft world. Interweave Knits is still our flagship publication and we have exciting issues of this and other knitting magazines to come!


File/Trim Size: 375 MB

Format: eMag