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Best of Handwoven, Technique Series: Twills on Four Shafts (eBook)

Handwoven presents this technique eBook with ten projects for creating twill on four shafts.

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In Marguerite Porter Davison's book A Handweaver’s Pattern Book the clear implication that you can thread one of an amazing number of twills and then, by varying the treadling, weave an even more amazing number of patterns. Since the middle of the last century, weavers have been putting this awareness to use.
This eBook gives you the tools to extend the twills found in Davison’s book along with those in many other resources into original designs. Each project in this eBook presents a type of twill with how-to information for drafting and designing it in addition to a beautiful project to weave.
A type of twill developed very recently but not considered suitable for four shafts is also included here in Barbara Elkins’s 4-shaft advancing-twill adaptation. From simple twill stripes to pick--up mock-satin damask, this book has what you need to make other weavers exclaim when they see your fabrics: “Surely that took more than four shafts!”
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Customer Reviews

Disappointed to learn of error; how many more? Review by Cary H

I am fairly irritated to read elsewhere about errors in this ebook. Apparently, there is a treading error on page 5 in the article Advancing Twills. The original article with the error was published in the M/A 2001 Handwoven, pg 46-49, and a correction published in the N/D 2001 magazine, pg 15. BUT... No one bothered to make sure the correction was made in the ebook. As a new and still uncertain weaver, I'd hoped I could count on an older set of instructions for correct guidance, but now I can't. And it doesn't appear that Interweave ensures corrections are made to ebooks or makes note of errors and corrections for customers, even though they have a customer database.

(Posted on 7/2/14)