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Best of Handwoven, Technique Series: Shadow Weave (eBook)

Create ten projects with Shadow Weave—a great weaving technique for using color in your handwoven pieces.

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Shadow weave is a subset of the category “color-and-weave.” This is the name given to fabrics in which the same alternating colors or groups of colors are used in both the warp and the weft. When looking at these fabrics, the warp threads and weft threads can’t be distinguished (as they can be in weaves such as twill). Instead, the warp and weft threads of one color standout compared to those of another color.


Shadow weave is the term commonly reserved for fabrics in which the color alternation is one-and-one. When other orders are used the effects are called “color-and-weave.” The Best of Handwoven, Technique Series: Shadow Weave eBook brings together tips, tricks, and projects that explore both color-and-weave and shadow weave. Create scarves, towels, tops and more in this colorful weave structure.

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