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Best of Handwoven: Top Ten Rugs on Four Shafts

Download this eBook from Handwoven magazine for 10 rug designs on 4-shaft looms, a guide to weft-faced rug weaving, and finishing techniques.

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top ten rugs on 4 shafts

The Best of Handwoven: Top Ten Rugs on Four Shafts eBook


This eBook can serve as every weaver’s Handbook of Weft-Faced Rug Weaving. Not only does it present projects using all of the basic weft-faced rug-weaving techniques—boundweave, twill, krokbragd, taqueté, corduroy, and more—but it includes tips that will give novice and experienced rug weavers alike everything they need to know to weave beautiful, firm, flat, and long-wearing rugs. Every project rug in the book is an eye-dazzler! Even more amazing than their beauty is the fact that all ten of them have been woven on only three or four shafts.


And there’s even more. This book also serves as a Compendium of Weft-Faced Rug Finishes. Instructions and clear illustrations show how to make Philippine, Damascus, woven, chained-loop, and twined edges as well as three- and four-strand flat and round braids.


From start to finish, this book is a treasure.




Download your copy of The Best of Handwoven: Top Ten Rugs on Four Shafts eBook today for eye-catching handwoven home décor!

top ten rugs
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