The Best of Stringing 2009

A celebration of Stringing Magazine's fifth aniversary, Interweave presents The Best of Stringing, a 148-page supersized issue packed with 183 stylish designs.
Magazine Single Issue

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In celebration of Stringing magazine's fifth anniversary, Interweave presents The Best of Stringing, a 148-page supersized issue packed with 183 stylish, easy-to-make designs for the beaded-jewelry enthusiast. Sure to become a collector's issue, The Best of Stringing is a compilation of more than 160 of the best designs published since Stringing's introduction in late 2003, plus 21 brand-new, fashion-savvy projects. As you’d expect from any issue of Stringing magazine, this special issue has beautiful photographs of each necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings, thorough step-by-step instructions, helpful technique information, and inspiring features about design.

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Format: Magazine Single Issue

Table of Contents
  • Fun with Focals! 30 Top Tips and Innovations (Danielle Fox and Michelle Mach)
  • Jewelry Rules: How to Accessorize 5 Favorite Tops (Danielle Fox)

  • Hertha Lake (Pam and Angie Thien)
  • Peach Princess (Ruby Bayan)
  • Klimt (Jamie Hogsett)
  • Wandering Dragonfly (Jeanne Holland)
  • Amber Leaves and Flowers (Susan Price Johnston)
  • Cinderella’s Story (Heather Powers)
  • Reflecting Pool (Cynthia Thornton)
  • Sweet Spring (Melinda Barta)
  • Larking About (Danielle Fox)
  • Wind Fallen (Cynthia Thornton)
  • Jeweled Chain (Silvija and Taya Koschnick)
  • Artist Journey (Jan Ketza)
  • Gecko (Jamie Hogsett)
  • Tropicana Necklace (Sheila Thornton)
  • Richer Than a Crown (Heather Wynn)
  • Strawberries Forever (Jaida Kimmerer)


  • Turquoise Textures (Lisa Lampe)
  • Cascading Leaves (Cheron Gelber)
  • Dichrocean (Dustin Wedekind)
  • Pear Martini (Melinda Barta)
  • Oceanside (Jennifer Heynen)
  • Sublime (Beth Kraft)
  • Citrus Slices (Jean Campbell)
  • Dragonflies at Dusk (Danielle Fox)
  • Ocean Blue (Kay Daniels)
  • Fish Stream (Jamie Hogsett )
  • Belinda’s Flight (Denise Yezbak Moore)
  • Carnelian Pebbles (Marilyn Koponen)
  • She Sells Sea Shells (Kelly Angeley)
  • Coral Geometry (Teri Bienvenue)
  • Asian Persuasion (Jamie Hogsett)


  • Cherry Blossom Jubilee (Molly Schaller)
  • Berrylicious (Lisa Kan)
  • Simple Elegance (Kathy Thompson)
  • Tahitian Path (Cynthia Kimura)
  • The Raven Queen (Andrew Thornton)
  • Nature Boy (Jamie Hogsett)
  • Joy of Drama (Melanie Brooks)
  • Dale’s Damsels (Denise Yezbak Moore)
  • Late Harvest (Cynthia Kimura)
  • Lilly in Autumn (Ricky Talmage)
  • Pine Cones and Moss (Ashly Hagen)
  • Northwest Trail (Melissa Cable)
  • Lily Lustre (Jeanne Holland)
  • Spiced Tea (Lisa Kan)
  • Chartreuse Garden (Kate McKinnon)
  • Imperial Splendor (Tia Darst)


  • Migration (Candie Cooper)
  • Jasper Johns Donuts (Dustin Wedekind)
  • Nightfall Romance (Allison Hoffmann)
  • Olea Europea (Ruby Bayan)
  • Double Donut (Elaine Ray)
  • Crimson Flourish (Kristen Winter)
  • Black Cherry Soda (Debra Kallen)
  • Twilight’s Last Dance (Heather Culhane)
  • Hearth Throb (Paulette Livers)
  • Knotted, Dotted Tassels (Jennifer Heynen)
  • Perfect Red (Karen Johnston)
  • Winter Blooms (Michelle Mach)
  • Gold Stone Dreamery (Paulette Livers)
  • Circle of Pearls (Marlene Blessing)
  • Frost Blossom (Erin Prais-Hintz)

    New Projects

  • Wild Orchid (Christie Clothier)
  • Sweetness of Spring (Debbie Blair)
  • Coppery Blooms (Melinda Barta)
  • Drifting on Purple (Candie Cooper)
  • Tequila Sunrise (Jamie Hogsett)
  • Dance of the Dragonfly (Sharon Borsavage)
  • Midnight Flower Power (Tracee Dock)
  • Robin’s Nest (Michelle Heim)
  • Near Nature (Heather Trudeau)
  • Wild Blue-Green Yonder (Danielle Fox)
  • End of Summer (Lorelei Eurto)
  • Brass and Rouge (Molly Schaller)
  • Tibetan Rose (Marlene Blessing)
  • Treasured Secret (Jess Italia Lincoln)
  • Autumn’s Beauty (Andrew Thornton)
  • Gaia’s Gift (Pam and Angie Thien)
  • The Rusty Convertible (Lorelei Eurto)
  • June Breeze (Anna MacNeil)
  • Safari Chic (Paulette Beaulieu-Walther)
  • Petit Fleurs (Erin Prais-Hintz)
  • Klimt Delight (Lorelei Eurto): Exclusive excerpt from the new book Chain Style!


  • Simply Strung
  • 68 Favorite Earrings
  • 32 Favorite Bracelets
  • Stringing 101
  • Project Resource Guide
30 Necklace Tips and More in The Best of Stringing Magazine
Have you done something really interesting in your jewelry-making lately? Perhaps you found a unique way to attach a pendant or discovered a new trick for incorporating a clasp? I've been in a bit of a creative rut recently, to tell you the truth. You too? 

Now we can be inspired by 183 great ideas in The Best of Stringing, a just-released special collector's edition filled with favorite Stringing designs. Not only are the magazine's many projects exciting, but so is the feature, Fun with Focals. Together co-author Michelle Mach and I highlight 30 stand-out necklaces–all hand-picked from past issues of Stringing magazine–that demonstrate cool ideas and innovations for designing with focal elements.

Under the Artful Influence
My work has already been influenced by some of these necklaces. For instance, in the photo below you can see how I interpreted Silvija and Taya Koschnick's necklace from The Best of Stringing, by reflecting their way of laying chain on top of beads in my Golden Blush necklace.

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Fun with Focals
Artist Heather Powers was also influenced by our Fun with Focals article. Powers, who has designs featured in The Best of Stringing, is the creative mind (and hands) behind, purveyor of polymer clay beads and finished jewelry, and the interactive blog, In these photos you can see how Powers was inspired by Teri Bienvenue’s idea for a horizontal focal piece to create her own distinct design!

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Free Projects!
I leave you with two brand new, never-before-seen stringing projects. Click each picture to download the instructions for that project. I hope they both inspire you to create your own fun focal pieces. Long live creativity! --Danielle

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What have you designed that was inspired by one of our Fun with Focals projects? Share your ideas on Beading Daily!

SKU: BT0900

Format: Magazine Single Issue