Best of Stringing: Metals (eBook)

Now you can create stunning metal and chain jewelry that only looks difficult to make with 12 favorite projects you can have right now!
Pattern Compilations

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Best of Stringing: Metals – 12 Fun Projects

Discover the easy way to add strength and sparkle to your jewelry.

Now you can create stunning metal and chain jewelry that only looks difficult to make with 12 favorite projects you can have right now!

Best of Stringing Metals is an easy-to-follow, instant download eBook packed with stunning jewelry projects, handpicked from the trusted experts at Stringing magazine.

Download this eBook today to:

•             Get instant access to stunning projects and expert how-tos.

•             Master 12 of the most popular metal designs from Stringing magazine.

•             Shine in your new fabulous jewelry from earthy whimsical to fabulous filigree!

•             Create the perfect piece with helpful hints and step-by-step instructions.

•             Skip the guesswork with full-color diagrams and detailed tool and material lists.

•             Use endless variations to create even more one-of-a-kind designs!

SKU: EP2323

Format: Pattern Compilations

Table of Contents
Garland of Garnets by Nina Cooper
Sunset in Kyoto by Elizabeth Chumtong
Coral Bells by Sharon Grimes Knox
Autumn on Hertha Lake by Pam & Angie Thien,
Futuriste by Cynthia Kimura
Only From the Heart by Danielle Fox
Sassy Brassy by Mari Ericksson
Lady of the Night by Paulette Livers
Wintergreen by Marlene Blessing
Eye of Sauron by Linda Ligon
Fireball by Paulette Livers
Chain Rules by Jenna Colyar-Cooper

SKU: EP2323

Format: Pattern Compilations

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Customer Reviews

Great Value Review by NULL NULL

This was a great value during the January sale (5.99)and I got it instantly. I found at least three designs in it that inspired me, and while I agree w/ the other critique about the expensive materials, I've had some success finding SP components when needed and coated base metal in others to replicate some of the ideas. Since I'm also a Beg/Int, I am looking for creative designs for how to attach pendants, closures, etc and I was very pleased w/ this ebook and would recommend it to others. As with other pubs the photography was very nice & detailed and the directions for the most part got me where I needed to be. The casual elegance of the garland of garnets also featured a stringing idea that I've not seen before. Sunset in Kyoto was so beautiful and classically elegant that I want to frame the picture! Altho this was mostly precious materials (thai silver & large gold clasp) the design lends itself to other materials as well. Lady of the Night and Eye of Sauron were both simple classic designs. Lady of the Night lends its overall design to lots of mediums (I used inexpensive noodle beads instead of the Thai silver), Firelight put together silver focal beads with red crystal in a way I hadn't seen before and never would have tried. Overall, I'm pleased with the content and the variety of ideas I got.

(Posted on 2/3/2011)

(Posted on 2/3/2011)

Lovely Designs Review by Judith Farhat

I just got this e-book, which I immediately downloaded. My level is between beginner and intermediate, but definitely not advanced. The only problem I have with a lot of jewelry book designs, and not just from Interweave, is the use of REALLY expensive components. The price of sterling silver is going out-of-sight these days. And I've found it difficult to adapt these designs to silver-plated beads because the sterling ones are usually so unique. But I shall persevere. All in all, the designs in this e-book are great.

(Posted on 1/22/2011)

(Posted on 1/22/2011)