Metalsmith Essentials: Create the Perfect Workspace: Best ways to organize your bench with Michael David Sturlin

Join acclaimed goldsmith Michael David Sturlin for his in-depth workshop DVD dedicated to studio organization and efficient jewelry tool use.

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Metalsmith Essentials: Create the Perfect Workspace: Best ways to organize your bench with Michael David Sturlin DVD
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Metalsmith Essentials: Create the Perfect Workspace: Best ways to organize your bench with Michael David Sturlin Download in HD

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You’ll love this if:

  • You’re looking for great organization techniques and strategies to implement in your workshop.
  • You want precise basic metalsmithing tips for success.
  • Learn how to customize your tools for personal use and explore tips for efficiently using what you already have.

Cluttered, ineffective workspace?

Discover Michael David Sturlin’s organization and effective tool tips!

Join successful goldsmith Michael David Sturlin for his workshop DVD dedicated to creating a successful jewelry workshop atmosphere and effectively using jewelry tools in smart ways to ensure productive jewelry making.

Begin by learning easy common ways to expertly store your tools, from PVC pipe to pliers racks that can help keep your workspace clean, tidy, and efficient.

Then, explore Michael’s secrets for using tool combinations effectively in your studio. Explore how bench pins, blocks, pliers, hammers and mandrels can be used to customize your workspace to fit your size, strength, dominant hand and jewelry-making tasks. You can tweak a stock bench pin, block or wooden mandrel to enable you to safely and efficiently grip, turn, hammer, file, and saw jewelry components of all shapes and sizes to your heart’s content.

Get your copy of this informative workshop DVD today to:

  • Learn how to use your bench pin and customize it for personal use.
  • Discover basic ways to use your jewelry tools efficiently that will help make you a successful metalsmith.
  • Add dynamic texturing with tips for success.
  • Explore specialty tools including various vises and ring clamps
  • Easily bend wire and sheet metal with pliers in an effective and safe way.
  • And much more!

Open the door to gratifying jewelry making today with this informational workshop DVD. Easily pause, repeat, start, and stop to get the information you need for your workspace. Don’t miss out on these tips that will help lay the foundation for successful jewelry making!

About the Author

Michael David Sturlin's 40-year career as a studio jewelry artist began in 1970. He is an educator, industry consultant, and award-winning goldsmith, with recognition from the World Gold Council, the American Jewelry Design Council, and the Jewelers of America. His work has been published in 75 magazine articles and is featured in the books Masters: Gold, Crocheted Wire Jewelry, and Good Bones: The Elements and Principles of Design for Jewelry Makers. He is a faculty member of the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts.


Author/Speaker/Editor: Michael David Sturlin

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Customer Reviews

A very useful video! Review by Samantha

Michael Sturlin teaches in a methodical, meticulous and precise manner which makes it easy to learn. This lesson focuses primarily on how to make the best use of your bench pin which will be invaluable for me. It describes how best to customize it and the many ways to use it to hold your metal firmly as you work on it.
The demonstration also focused on how to hold rings and small finding when filing or forming which I found useful. I will watch this again and follow his advice which will save me time and avoid frustration at the bench! A good purchase.

(Posted on 5/2/14)

Better Than Agreed Upon Review by Susan

~ Clear sound. Excellent photography, great close-ups.

~ A bounty of tips for sensible, inexpensive tool storage and accessible organization that conserves precious space and promotes efficiency and productive use of time spent.

~ Hands-on examples for easily modifying the bench, bench pin and other inexpensive materials that enable functional use of the tools.

~ I was happily surprised to see hands-on demonstrations showing how the modifications can be used in a variety of applications. He also shares different methods and simple tools for holding and positioning work that greatly assist in achieving positive results.

~ Michael Sturlin is very familiar with the numerous obstacles jewelry makers are confronted and in this DVD he shares valuable, practical information from the wealth of knowledge he has from his own experience. He presents the material clearly and calmly, and he's easy to follow and understand.

~ I'm a self-taught jewelry maker and have been doing metalwork a little over three years. I was pleasantly surprised to find more information presented than I thought would be covered and feel the DVD is an excellent value at a very fair price. I will definitely purchase more DVD's in the series.

(Posted on 4/7/14)

So Much More Than Organization Review by Darlene

This DVD explained organization very well, and showed how much easier your work process could be when all of your tools are organized and easily accessible. He also shows how to properly use your bench pin to brace your work for more accurate results, and how to customize it to better suite your needs, as well examples of how you might want to customize tools to make them easier to use. I found this DVD very interesting, and informative, and I will definitely be watching it again.

(Posted on 3/26/14)