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5 Favorite Wire Jewelry Videos from Jewelry Making Daily

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Wire Coiling Secrets: Tips Techniques and Creative Jewelry Design
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Easy Jewelry Chain Making with Janice Berkebile DVD
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Make Wire Wrapped Jewelry! Precise and Chaotic Styles DVD
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Metalwork Wire Essentials
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Easy Wire Stone Capture: 4 Alternative Ways to Set Stones with Janice Berkebile
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By Tammy Jones, Jewelry Making Daily editor

There's nothing like repetition to be able to master a technique, and hand-in-hand with doing a task over and over to perfect it is being able to see a task be done over and over, until you've perfected it. That's the beauty of jewelry-making videos--you can watch and learn a technique as many times as you need to, now and years down the road if you need a refresher, to help you master a skill.

Wirework is an ideal genre of jewelry making to learn from jewelry-making videos. I think a lot of a jewelry maker's success in mastering wire jewelry making is being able to handle the wire deftly, as if it's an extension of your hand. That kind of comfort level will lead to better wire-wrapping techniques, more precise coils, and more perfect wrapped loops--and all of that can be learned by watching wire jewelry-making videos hosted by experts. Here are some recommendations to get you started:

  • For Making Coiled Wire Accents: Wire coils are one of my favorite uses of wire, because they essentially turn a plain length of wire into a design element that adds more substance and interest than a simple wire might have. There are all kinds of wire jewelry patterns and tools and jigs to help make good wire coils and spirals, but watching and learning from a masterful instructor--along with making a few dozen yourself while you watch Wire Coiling Secrets with Kerry Bogert is a sure-fire way to master wire coiling. Tip: Make a bunch ahead of time and keep them on hand like you would beads or clasps--then work them into your designs as desired.

  • For Making Wire Chain: I think making chain is at once the most craftsman-like and creative technique in wire jewelry making. With just wire and pliers, you can create wire links that lend themselves to a limitless variety of handmade wire jewelry chain. You can learn all about chain making by watching wire jewelry tutorials--and then the sky's the limit as you create, combine, mix, and explore a variety of chain link styles. You'll probably even accidentally create some unique chain links of your own while you play! Be sure to check out Easy Jewelry Chain Making, a video with Janice Berkebile.

  • For Making Wire-Wrapped Jewelry: Wire-wrapping stones and beads is a popular technique that has been around for many years. There are many wire jewelry artists who specialize in wire-wrapped jewelry, and their designs are as varied as the stones they wrap. Fortunately, the basics for learning to how to wire wrap jewelry are pretty universal, and watching jewelry-making videos are a great way to master wire-wrapping tutorials. If you want to learn how to wire wrap jewelry, grab your wire and some pliers and a few stones--and settle in with Make Wire Wrapped Jewelry! video that is full of wire-wrapping instructions. You'll be a pro in no time.

  • For Making Wire Jewelry Findings: One of the most basic and handy things to know in how to make wire jewelry is making your own wire findings. Ear wires, head pins and eye pins, clasps and jump rings are all essential wire findings and components that you can easily make yourself using wire. Join artist and best-selling author Denise Peck in Metalwork Wire Essentials for instructional watch-and-learn lessons for making fabulous wire jewelry.

  • For Making Wire Bezels and Cages: If you can learn how to wire-wrap stones, you'll be able to create wire bezels and cages to show off any treasure you like, to hold found objects like shells, rocks, coins, pieces of pottery, and more. By learning how to make wire-wrapped jewelry, you're also learning one of the easiest ways to make bezels for pendants and how to turn your found treasures into meaningful wire jewelry. Be sure to check out Easy Wire Stone Capture and pump up your designs with beautiful wire wrapped stone cages.

So download a few wire jewelry videos and get started making wire jewelry, mastering skills and techniques in one of the most popular jewelry-making genres of all!

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Happy Jewelry Making,

Tammy Jones
As the editor of Jewelry Making Daily, I love working with metal and found objects, enameling, using metal clay, and hoarding pearls and gemstones. I’ve been a “maker” all my life, so I also enjoy knitting, paper crafts like card making and scrapbooking, and cooking, as well as traveling, the seashore, and snow!