Blueprint Crochet: Modern Designs for the Visual Crocheter

Learn the universal symbol language of crochet and create gorgeous patterns with Blueprint Crochet, a graphical interpretation of contemporary designs made just for the visual crafter.

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Learn the universal symbol language of crochet and create gorgeous patterns with Blueprint Crochet, a graphical interpretation of contemporary designs made just for the visual crafter. Robyn Chachula designs using a graphic pattern treatment called symbol crochet. This graphic pattern treatment is for all crocheters that can understand maps better than verbal directions, illustrations better than narratives, and three-dimensional drawings better than step-by-step directions. Robyn takes each crochet design and breaks it down stitch by stitch and increase by increase in a diagram format so the "visual crocheter" can see, as well as read, each step.

Each project in Blueprint Crochet is broken down into the Plan that shows the overall picture, the Details that show the crochet stitch pattern, and the Construction that shows the steps to assemble the project.

With contemporary designs from trendy to classic, each project offers a fresh take on crochet. Choose from:
  • Effortless motif patterns for purses, earrings, necklaces, and earrings
  • Quick-stitch patterns that are perfect for tunics, wraps, belts or scarves
  • Vogue granny squares that translate wonderfully into sweater coats, comfy tops, shawls, or boleros
  • And stitch-repeat patterns for jackets, dresses, vests, and tops.
Crochet diagrams are internationally recognized universal symbols, so whether you are a crocheter in Japan or Norway you can follow the diagrams and create the projects. With Blueprint Crochet, anything is possible!

"Robyn has combined all of her technical expertise with an unleashed imagination, and one gorgeous garment is featured after the other.  This is a beautiful book."
Table of Contents
The Basics
  • Crochet Symbols- Easy to decode symbols represent the stitch patterns you are using to effortlessly follow any complex pattern.
  • Understanding Granny Square Diagrams- Granny Square diagrams are like maps to guide you in what the motif will look like, while giving you round by round directions to create it.

  • Understanding Stitch Pattern Diagrams- Stitch pattern diagrams show completed pattern repeats, and allow you to easily see which row you are on.

  • How to Use This Book- Each pattern in this book is organized into easy to understand sections that lay out the plans, foundation, construction and finishing for each project.

Effortless Motifs- Motifs are the essence of crochet, and accomplishing these few motif projects will give you confidence when it comes to symbol crochet.
  • Heather Earrings and Necklace- Modern sensibility is combined with delicate, timeless style to create these oversized earrings and necklace set.
  • Nicki Tote- Robyn was inspired by her sister- in- law; Nicki, to make the everyday boring and functional bag come to life. This tote is bold, sassy, and big enough to hold your life's necessities, including your current crochet project.

  • Julie Cuff- Robyn's love for patterns, colors, and jewelry are shared to make one snazzy bracelet cuff with a spiraling flower motif in fun colors. This cuff can be worn stiff with a silver clasp or soft with funky buttons to fit every style.

  • Quick Stitch PatternsThese quick stitch patterns are perfect to master the art of crochet diagrams, while seeing fast results at the same time.

  • Madison Scarf- This beautiful scarf has fun shapes and bright colors that when worn positively influences any mood you are in. Pass that mood along; it's hard for anyone to not love this fun design.

  • Isabella Wrap- This wrap takes its inspiration from the 1940's bed jackets that wrapped in the front to accentuate your curves, making you look put together even when you just woke up. A contemporary geometric trim updates this look for today.

  • Maureen Tunic- This easy stitch repeat pattern is great to create a tunic with exotic style for traveling the globe, or simply enjoying an afternoon at home.

  • Nora Belt- This trendy belt was inspired by a hot fashion magazine and created in crochet for Robyn's niece, Nora, and for you. The geometric design goes with any outfit; don't be afraid to show it off!

Vogue Granny Motifs- You'll be amazed at these fun motifs using granny squares which go way beyond the afghan. These clothes are unique, gorgeous, and made to show off granny squares in their best light.
  • Sheryl Shawl- Robyn's love of classic movies influenced this memorable shawl to capture the essence of a 1940's ball gown worn by her favorite starlet.
  • Katie Bolero- This cute bolero was inspired by Gothic architecture and beautiful stained glass windows to cover your shoulders with intricate designs.

  • Megan Sweater- Robyn's favorite type of sweater, the car coat, will soon be your favorite too with this pattern that was made to show off how adorable granny squares can be.

  • Maggie Wrap Top- This wrap top is the perfect addition for any outfit to accentuate body length and add style. The design can also be personalized by leaving off the motifs at the arms for a cap sleeve look or by adding to the body for a kimono look.

  • Paige Sweetheart Top- You will cherish this light and breezy top with delicate lace and romantic construction, which was inspired by those afternoons daydreaming and reading a good book.

  • Raeanne Shawl Sweater- This shawl sweater design has the best of both worlds. It's easy to wear and makes you feel snuggly, while the big shawl collar gives you the look of all the latest styles.

Stitch Pattern Styles- Crochet patterns can be so unique. There are only a handful of stitches yet they can make the most stylish designs just by varying how you use that hook. These patterns allow you to play with lacy fabrics, texture and structure that you have never seen before; all because of crochet symbols.
  • Sarah Bee Dress- The tiny bees in this stitch pattern will remind you of spring each time you wear this dress, and the wool/linen blend keeps you warm, yet is light enough to layer.
  • Rachel Swing Jacket- This jacket came to be as a cross between the ?????????60s- inspired swing jacket and Robyn's niece's super- trendy style. You can decide whether you want the jacket to swing or to show off your curves by moving the back bands over a button to cinch in the waist.

  • Rebecca Vest- The 80's classic tennis jersey vest from Robyn's teenage era has been revamped into this adorable modern vest. The scoop neck, updated colors, and cute eyelets come together and turn this vest into flattering fashion.

  • Christin Crop- With all the sweaters this season going long and baggy, this cropped and fitted sweater is perfect to show off your figure while wearing a long, loose tunic underneath.

  • Courtney Corset Top- This top has a great stylish design but is still casual enough to pair with your favorite jeans. It mixes feminine lacy stitching with a solid corset to create a flirty quality along with a fitted design.

About the Author

Robyn Chachula’s winding path to a crochet career began as a structural engineer with a specialty in historic preservation and renovation, which uses her ability to take big projects and break them into little items anyone can understand. She is a graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Architectural Engineering. Robyn has designed for several yarn companies and has appeared on Knit and Crochet Today and Knitting Daily TV, both on PBS. Her designs have been published in Interweave Crochet, Crochet Today, and, as well as in books, including Not Your Mamma’s Crochet, Catwalk Crochet, Vogue on the Go: Crocheted Shawls, Crochet Me (Interweave), Son of Stitch & Bitch, and Crochet Pattern-a-Day 2007. View all of Robyn’s architecturally-inspired pieces on her web site and blog,

‘Directions for the projects in the book are given in graphic, not written, mode which makes sense since Chachula is a former structural engineer turned crochet designer. Once you grasp the idea of following the design blueprint, its easy to do and easier to follow than written directions.’––Bangor Daily News

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Customer Reviews

One of my favorites Review by Linda Lohr

I own lots of crochet books and this is one of the best. the diagrams allow the visual learner and learning style to crochet with ease. I started with the bracelet, then moved on to a scarf, and now have the confidence to tackle a sweater.

(Posted on 11/25/10)