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Bountiful Backgrounds Bundle

Build up your backgrounds with this exclusive downloadable bundle!

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Bountiful Backgrounds Bundle
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Start your art off right with a quality background layer!

Learn the important role creating a solid background plays in mixed-media projects with this exclusive downloadable bundle. Together, Unique Layers, The Cloth Paper Scissors Book, Backgrounds to Bindings, Preparing to Paint, and Mixed-Media Collage will show you how to prepare a background in your artwork. Online Editor Cate Prato identifies the importance of this key factor: Whether you’re creating a collage, a mixed-media painting, or an art journal page, a layered and textured background will start you off right and produce a final piece of artwork with depth and interest. Learn how with these resources.”

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You’ll save 40% on the limited-time bundle that includes:

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Unique Layers



The Cloth Paper Scissors Book


Working with collage is always an exciting prospect! You’ll be inspired with all the unusual ways to add paper and paper-like layers when working with collage.   Find out where paint, paper, fabric, metal, and wax all come to play with this easy-to-download The Cloth Paper Scissors eBook.
Backgrounds to Bindings Preparing to Paint Mixed-Media Collage

 Backgrounds to Bindings

Workshop Download

 Preparing to Paint

Workshop Download

 Mixed-Media Collage

Workshop Download

Create “juicy backgrounds” and a plethora of different no-sew bindings for your handmade books in this nearly 2-hour long Cloth Paper Scissors workshop!  Explore the surface underneath the paint with Sue Pelletier as she answers the frequently asked question: how do you start a painting? Cloth Paper Scissors Editor Jenn Mason guides you through the principles of backgrounds, middle grounds, and foregrounds as they relate to mixing monoprints and collage.

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The CPS Book

                                                        Maze Book, a meditation on bark, by Cornelia Jutta Forster

Spacer 20x20 pixelsGet all this great mixed-media instruction instantly with this limited time digital bundle. Save 40% when you download today!