Bronze Fantasy Medallion with Silver Accents

Pair ancient motifs with modern metals for a stunning mythical medallion design.

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Create a piece that rivals the beauty and majesty of the most intriguing mythological creature. Combine bronze bass, silver accents, and gemstones for a breathtaking pendant that pays tribute to an exciting world of gods, heroes, and mythical beasts.


Required Materials: 3oz bronze casting grain, 6 faceted stones, 12 gauge sterling wire (1 ft.), 8 gauge sterling wire (2"), 24 gauge sterling sheet. See project for complete list.

Tools Needed: Torch setup (tips, striker, pickle pot, tongs, tweezers), twist drill, small scale drill bit set, light and heavy forge hammers, vise, blunt metal punch, cuttlebone, ingot mold, melting crucible, steel wire. See project for complete list

Originally Published: Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist June 2010

SKU: EP2795

Author/Speaker/Editor: Roger Halas

Format: eProject