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Building Blocks of Spinning

Learn the basics and beyond of spinning the yarn you want with this 237-minute comprehensive workshop with Sarah Anderson.

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Building Blocks of Spinning Video Download

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Spin the Yarn You Want!

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Spin-Off Presents:
Building Blocks of Spinning

with Sarah Anderson
Video Workshop

Spinning is a craft that can be learned in hours, yet has infinite possibilities to be explored over a lifetime. In this video, Sarah Anderson teaches the building blocks you need for a lifetime of successful spinning—twist, draft, and control—and takes us on a tour of the yarn universe to see what you can create. You’ll learn:

  • The secrets of twist, the “glue” that holds yarn together
  • Techniques and fiber preparation for worsted and woolen spinning
  • Tips and techniques for spinning short fibers such as cotton
  • Basic balanced plying, chain (Navajo) plying, and troubleshooting
  • Spiral, cable, crepe, boucle, and other novelty yarns
  • Dos and don'ts of yarn finishing

Every technique and concept is explained clearly and simply in Sarah’s inimitable, enthusiastic style with video that lets you see all the action in amazing detail. Topics are presented in easy-to-find chapters so you can reference them again and again over your spinning career.


Everything you need is here! Join Sarah on a journey of fiber discovery and creativity that will enrich your spinning for years to come with this 237-minute spinning workshop!


Order your copy of Building Blocks of Spinning with Sarah Anderson,

available on a 2-disc DVD set or instantly as a video download in standard or high definition.

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Customer Reviews

excellent Review by Sandy

This video is brilliant gives a very down to earth approach and so easy to follow her techniques love it

(Posted on 8/11/14)

Fabulous Review by Lorraine

I found this video to be very useful and found that there were a lot of tips and tricks that I have now incorporated into my own spinning.

Worth every penny!

(Posted on 7/22/14)

Inspiring! Review by Suzette

I purchased this video download today and watched both parts. The video and sound quality were great and I can't say enough about Sarah Anderson's teaching. She knows what she is talking about! Lots of visuals and techniques demonstrated. It truly inspired me to branch out in my spinning. I definitely recommend this video.

(Posted on 6/27/14)

Entertaining and Enlightening Review by Dawn

I had Sarah's book The Spinner's Book of Yarn Design on my wish list for a while and couldn't resist buying the book and dvd together. I've been spinning for a couple years, but there were many parts of my spinning that I wasn't happy with and couldn't figure out where I was going wrong. After watching the dvd, I've figured it out and learned a few other techniques to make my spinning more fun. She is a joy to watch and listen to and the obvious pleasure that she gets from spinning is contagious. I will definitely be watching the dvd again and again, especially as I read more in her book. Two great spinning resources.

(Posted on 4/14/14)

Wonderful vidoe Review by Shaina

This is a fantastic video and I highly recommend it. At nearly 4 hours long you learn so much and Sarah Anderson is a fantastic teacher. I love the join she shows as its easy and works every time and its invisible and in my opinion hard to mess up. The join I was using previously was a mess compared to Sarah's join I also love when she gets out the felted roving to show you in large scale exactly what is happening when you spin and ply. I will watch these videos many more times to pick up on new things that didn't sink in the first time.

(Posted on 3/2/14)

For Spinners of All Levels of Experience and Ability Review by The Spinning Spider

Spinning intelligently - takes you through so many aspects of the craft of spinning, so you can make precisely the yarn you want to make. I've been spinning thirty years but have learned a lot from this video. Excellent explanations from someone who absolutely knows what they're doing. I'd recommend this to spinners of all levels - not just beginners, but those who've been spinning years but are open to learning more. This, along with Sarah's book, is both a practical manual and a useful reference resource.

(Posted on 2/18/14)

Terrific for Teaching Review by Khiba

I bought this hoping the video with Sarah Anderson would be "the one" to send home with my beginner students on day one of class. And it sure is! She approaches spinning with flexibility, showing several ways one can draft and spin, and respects a beginners first "mess." My words not hers. Sarah never insists one technique is THE ONLY WAY, which I really appreciate. As spinning is personal with each spinner eventually finding her or his own comfortable technique, I didn't want a hard line video.

The other reviewers have nailed it by saying "The instruction is excellent." I also agree the camera work is outstanding, with close ups when needed.

I will be sending each of my students home with Building Blocks of Spinning, or with a gift card if they prefer to download the video.

(Posted on 2/1/14)

Excellent! Review by Kathleen

The instruction is excellent. The camera views show close ups of both her spinning and the variety of finished yarns she discusses. The two disks are a complete workshop in your home. Discussed are fiber prep, various forms of drafting (worsted vs. woolen plus others), short fibers (including cotton), making skeins. Also plying - balanced and chained (Navajo), plus some others. And my favorite part of the videos, cables, crepe, boucle, spiral and others.

She explains well all aspects of spinning and discusses the importance of twist well.

Highly recommend. I've been spinning for some time and learned a lot and clarified other aspects of spinning that others have explained in a fuzzier manner.

(Posted on 1/29/14)

A complete workshop Review by Stella

I am a novice spinner. Sarah's explanations and demonstrations are so well organized and presented that I learned amazingly quickly from them and I keep returning to various chapters to improve my skill. She is a wonderful teacher that would be described as "approachable" if she were not on my computer screen! I will find this workshop useful for many years as my skills advance enough to use the later chapters.

(Posted on 12/12/13)

Better than a workshop! Review by Stella

I have watched these videos multiple times and will do so again and again. I am a novice spinner and found her instruction amazingly clear and calm. Having the video means that I can go to this workshop over and over. After mastering the basics, she shows clearly how to make many interesting yarns which I hope someday to master, as well. I highly recommend these to any novice spinner.

(Posted on 12/12/13)