BurdaStyle Pattern Modification Technique Collection

This kit includes three instructional videos, a web seminar by Meg Healy on modifying pattern styles, and basic bodice and skirt patterns to get you started. With this kit, you can make any pattern into a knockout!


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Ever come across a great-looking pattern, but it’s missing that one special design element that makes it perfect for YOU? This exclusive kit gives you all the tools you need— a full web seminar, three videos, and essential bodice and skirt patterns— to adapt a sewing pattern without compromising the style. Learn to move, combine, and eliminate darts, adjust bust size to fit your curves, add gathers, draft facings, and more. Once you know the basics of pattern making, you can adjust any design to fit and flatter.

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Pattern Making: How to Modify Pattern Styles
Web Seminar

In this web seminar recording, Meg Healy takes you through pattern making processes of adding and removing style lines, moving darts, and adding fullness. You’ll also learn to replace darts with pleats, add three kinds of pockets, alter a neckline, draft facings, and draft basic collars.
RETAIL: $19.00
Technique Video: Adjusting the Bust Size of a Pattern

This video shows you how to decrease and increase the bust size of your bodice pattern. Learn to adjust the cup size down to an A or up to a DD without compromising the fit of the waist and shoulders.
RETAIL: $16.99
Technique Video: Drafting Facings

Give your necklines and armholes a clean, professional finish by drafting your own facings.
RETAIL: $16.99
Technique Video: Sewing the Perfect Dart

So much of garment fitting depends on darts. Learn to make yours smooth and even every time with this video by LoveSewing’s Denise Wild.
RETAIL: $16.99
Sewing Pattern: the Essential Bodice

Practice dart techniques and adjusting the bust with this bodice pattern.
RETAIL: $5.40
Sewing Pattern: the Essential Skirt

Practice gathers, pleats and pockets with this skirt pattern.
RETAIL: $5.40

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Customer Reviews

Great value Review by Roberta

This kit gave me a lot of value for my dollars, and with the included bodice and skirt patterns, ideas are much easier to act on. I appreciate Meg's style, and found the pacing of the videos very good. I've done a lot of reading old pattern-making texts, and this set of videos has been helpful to visualize and summarize a lot of the knowledge I gleaned from those books, but in a much simpler and accessible way- thanks!

(Posted on 11/28/13)