BurdaStyle Spring 2014

If you love sewing your own clothes, you'll fall in love with all that BurdaStyle Spring 2014 has to offer.

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Magazine Single Issue
BurdaStyle Spring 2014
Magazine Single Issue
BurdaStyle Spring 2014 Digital Edition

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BurdaStyle Spring 2014

"If you’re a sewer, chances are you have a strong love affair with fabric. The colors, the prints, the feel, the drape. We’re dedicating this entire issue to fabric, the foundation of sewing and fashion. In your hands, you’ll  find the latest products with a fabric focus, a guide to choosing, buying, and caring for fabric, a sewing machine cheat-sheet for working with various fabrics, plus runway inspirations and 43 original BurdaStyle designs!" -Denise Wild, BurdaStyle Editorial Director


Highlights of this product include:

  • 20 full size fashion sewing pattern inserts
  • Trends to sew right now
  • 9 to 5 figure flattering wardrobe basics
  • Style guide - a simple zip-up to wear 3 ways
  • Fabric 101 - Tips for purchasing and caring for fabric
If you love sewing your own clothes, you'll fall in love with all that BurdaStyle Spring 2014 has to offer. From DIY projects, to clothing patterns, articles, how-to's and more, you will find everything you need all in one place.

Projects include:
  • Head Bands - DIY stylized bands
  • Denim Detail - Add a touch of lace to your jeans
  • Pretty Punk - Mini Skirt
  • Soft Kiss - Dress
  • Pretty in Pleats - Blouse
  • Red Hot - Dress
  • and much more!
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BurdaStyle Spring 2014

SKU: BU1403-EP8068

Customer Reviews

Question for "Seriously" Review by Tara

So, are there any patterns in the magazine? the intro says that the magazine includes 20 full sized patterns - is this untrue? I'd really like to order this if it came with the 20 free patterns. thanks.

(Posted on 3/21/14)

so which is it? Review by rubysbeachhouse

One reviewer says all the patterns are in there (multi-colored cutting lines including multiple sizes, I assume). Another reviewer says you have to pay & download some of them.

Burda- which is true- it makes a HUGE difference to me & $15 is a lot of money for me to be disappointed when I get it...I love Burda, but this should be in the informational text. How many patterns included? How many do you have to pay & download?

(Posted on 3/21/14)

Great Magazine Review by Rita

I received my BurdaStyle yesterday and have almost finished it today. I was so surprised to find the PATTERNS ALL THERE!! Over the years I have subscribed to other pattern magazines just to see the latest fashions and to know what is for sale. Then I have to trek down to the 'terial store, as my little boys used to call it and buy the pattern. But, here were all the patterns!! How wonderful is that? SO WONDERFUL!! Each outfit shown has details on the jewelry, sunglasses, shoes etc. plus the sizes, zippers used, a drawing of the blouse/pants/dress etc. in case you cannot get a good view on the model and then in the back of the magazine--there is the pattern and sewing information. What a deal!!

(Posted on 3/12/14)

Rip off Review by Seriously?

At first I was really excited to get this magazine, then I realized that over half of the patterns featured ARE NOT INCLUDED. You have to get them, and I mean PAY FOR and download them, from the burda style website. WTF!! I don't mind having to download a pattern separately, but to feature a pattern in a pattern magazine and not include it is insane. If you want to advertise other styles, have a two page spread or something, don't make it OVER HALF of the content of the magazine. The way it stands now, you're basically just paying to see pretty adverts of available patterns. You can get this for free in your e-mail by subscribing to burdastyle newsletters. I would not recommend buying this or subscribing to the magazine.

(Posted on 3/9/14)

Confused... Review by Joanne

Is this a reprint of the UK edition from last spring? I have this one already so I'm a little confused. It's a lovely collection of patterns though.

(Posted on 2/21/14)