BurdaStyle Winter 2014

Dive into the premier US edition of the world’s leading sewing magazine, featuring unique BurdaStyle designs, 40 fashion sewing patterns, and DIY projects inspired by the runway.

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BurdaStyle Winter 2014

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BurdaStyle magazine’s very first US edition is full of inspiring trends, DIY projects, and sewing tips and how-to’s. Plus, beautiful fashion spreads show off the magazine’s 40 included BurdaStyle patterns fit for any occasion. This issue includes:

  • A sewing machine and serger combo giveaway
  • New and hot sewing products
  • A 101 for working with BurdaStyle patterns
  • An introduction to sergers
  • Runway looks you can DIY
  • 10 tips for sewing the perfect buttonhole
  • The season’s top fashion trends: Bright colors, graphic lines, black & white, glittery holiday wear, and earthy textures
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Customer Reviews

Response to Fifi's and LauraKate's Reviews Review by Lynette

I asked about a pattern on BurdaStyle's website and learned the secret to finding out what's in their magazine. Here's what Shellie in Customer Service wrote me:

Thank you for your interest in BurdaStyle Magazine and Patterns! If you look at the pattern name, you can determine which issue it is in, or will be in.

Asymmetrical Wide Neck Top 02/2014 #135A

The 02/2014 means this pattern will be in the February 2014 (Spring 2014) issue of BurdaStyle Magazine. That issue is scheduled to be on sale 02/25/14.

So if you love some patterns from any given collection you see online, look at the date included in the pattern name and you can determine which mag issue they're in so you can either justify purchasing the whole issue or just buying the single pattern.

Hope this helps--it sure did help me because I love their patterns (I've made several) but wasn't sure I wanted to commit to buying the magazine without being able to see what was in it first.

And by the way, I do agree with you on the printing and taping issue. What a pain in the butt. But so far their designs have been worth the trouble of me having to tape together 30 pieces of paper for a pattern. And I don't trace. I just cut, because you have to add a seam allowance anyway, so I just cut out the paper pieces and then just add seam allowance as I cut the fabric (I've been doing this long enough that I can eyeball and cut a VERY accurate 1/2" or 5/8" seam allowance without having to mark or measure).

(Posted on 1/28/14)

pictures please!!!! Review by Haley

please publish the pictures of projects included in this magazine! i had to troll the internet just to see a selection of the patterns available.

(Posted on 1/28/14)

Feedback to reviews Review by Donna

I don't understand the reviews. One statement that you can see what the magazine has to offer before purchasing IE; index of articles and more. I am more interested in a review of the magazine as a whole. Not just the patterns. Or are the reviewers telling us the magazines offers only patterns and no articles? It would be great to read a true review if there are articles also. Besides having patterns leaning is a great tool.

My 5 stars is not actually correct but I had to star it in order to comment. But if the magazine does indeed have articles then the reviews stars are not fitting anyway. And if the magazine is patterns only then oops, I goofed. 0-;

(Posted on 12/11/13)

a little disappointed Review by LauraKate333

I knew better, but I ordered it anyway. I subsrcibe to BurdaStyle and get the English version every month but was hoping that the American version would hold some new treasure. Not so. These are all patterns we've seen before. Nice patterns, just not new. It does have a nice discription of how to use the Burda magazine patterns for people who are new to them (like the woman who wrote the first review--clearly never tangled with the magazine before). Otherwise, kind of a bust.

(Posted on 11/17/13)

Bad promotion, especially for the e-version Review by Fifi

1. How is one to choose to order this magazine when there is no pictures preview of what styles are inside?
2. The e-version is at the same price as the printed version. With the printed version, the seamstress has to trace out the pattern from the attached map of all the patterns, a task which have deterred many people to buy from Burda, otherwise they would have a lot more subscribers.
3. With the print version, one has to print out this stuff on 8"x11" paper (most home printers), tape them together, than trace again? You are talking about sewing masochism? I would not even want it this way to getting pattern even if somebody give it to me for free!

Supposedly, out of one magazine, there is about one or two styles of MUST make, after paying $15+ shipping (or a whole ream of paper if using the printer), one is much better off buying a Vogue designer pattern at that price (they even come cheaper since Vogue has a sale at least once a month @ $4 or $5 each). Even the Italian Marfy pattern comes already cut up for you on rice paper. Just do the fitting, adjust, add the seams when cutting, and voila!

Please ask BurdaStyle to get a bit a reason in their marketing head!

(Posted on 11/13/13)