Calypso Fans Bracelet

String these vibrant beads together and you might acquire some new fans. . .and we don't just mean the beaded kind!

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Spring forward with this rare bracelet, bursting with color. Each beaded fan is crafted together using basic stringing and brick stitching. Combining these techniques with vibrant beads is one equation that is sure to equal an abundance of fans...the admiring kind.
Required Materials: 12 g total assorted size 11° seed beads in green luster, cranberry AB, gold-lined strawberry, and matte metallic green iris (A),5 g matte silver-lined gold size 11°  seed beads (B), 3 g copper iris size 11° triangle beads (C), 15 g total assorted size 8°  seed beads in goldlined strawberry, matte metallic copper, matte silver-lined chartreuse, matte metallic green, and cranberry AB (D) and 9 olivine 12mm faceted Indian glass rounds.

Tools: Size 12 beading needle, scissors, wire cutters and crimping pliers.

Technique Used: Bead Stitching

Originally Published: Beadwork, April/May 2010

SKU: EP3030

Author/Speaker/Editor: Kathie Rutledge

Format: eProject