Flex Shaft Essentials: Carve a Wax Model for a Pendant with Travis Ogden

Join metalsmith Travis Odgen and learn the important steps and considerations for wax carving using your flex shaft. Explore wax carving at home with these must have steps, materials, and information featured in this exclusive workshop DVD!

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Flex Shaft Essentials: Carve a Wax Model for a Pendant with Travis Ogden
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Flex Shaft Essentials: Carve a Wax Model for a Pendant with Travis Ogden Download in HD

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You’ll love this if:

  • You are searching for instructions for successful wax carving.
  • You want to see all the steps you need to know to successfully carve and finish your wax model using a flex shaft.
  • You want to learn how create multiples of the same design quickly and easily.

Custom, three-dimensional metal jewelry at your fingertips!

Learn to wax carve using your flex shaft from master metalsmith Travis Ogden

Join metalsmith Travis Odgen for his video workshop dedicated to teaching you how to carve a wax model for a pendant. This comprehensive lesson covers all the steps you need to successfully begin carving wax models for jewelry making using your flex shaft. Watch as Travis transforms a block of wax into a stylish wax model that can be used to create a mold for casting into your metal choice. Including important design considerations and tips for achieving the illusion of varying thickness, and important information for carving with the flex shaft, this workshop DVD is a must-have for anyone interested in learning how to successfully wax carving at home. Faster, more forgiving, and less expensive than metal fabrication, this is a clever way to create metal jewelry and to easily produce multiples of the same design.

Get your copy of this must-have DVD today to:

  • Learn how to use carve your wax with precision and finish it flawlessly using a flex shaft, files, sandpaper, and solvent.
  • Discover important differences in wax types, and how to decide which is best for your specific project and unique design needs.
  • See how to avoid, or fix, common mistakes including porosity, over-carving, and broken areas.
  • Be in the know – with detailed explanations and up-close shots, every important step is laid out.
  • Uncover important information and considerations for carving wax using your flex shaft.
  • Go beyond carving wax, and learn crucial steps for creating a rubber mold using your wax carving to then cast into metal jewelry.
  • And much more!

About the Artist:

Travis R. Ogden has been an independent jewelry artist for over 40 years, and holds both a BFA and an MFA. His award-winning, superbly crafted, outstanding jewelry is currently represented in three Colorado galleries. He taught metalsmithing at the university level for more than 15 years, and currently teaches at the Denver School of Metal Arts, which he owns along with the Naja Tool and Supply in Denver. Travis is also the featured talent in three other best-selling DVD workshops: Metalsmith Essentials: Intro to the Flex Shaft, Metalsmith Essentials: Basic Jewelry Fold Forming, and Forged Wire Cuff: Make a Handwrought Silver Bracelet, available for sale in the Jewelry Making Daily Shop.


Author/Speaker/Editor: Travis Ogden

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Runtime: 109 minutes